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Please help \"Find a Cure for Food Allergies\"! Nominate our project by 9/1

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By FRANandPAUL on Sun, 08-24-08, 02:11

Hi everyone, We are writing to ask your help with a project that is extremely important to us, and we know is important to you: finding a cure for food allergies. We have submitted a project to Members Project American Express ( [url="http://www.membersproject.com"]http://www.membersproject.com[/url] ) entitled "Find a Cure for Food Allergies", and we hope to see it raise $1.5 million to support food allergy research through Food Allergy Initiative (FAI). We would not receive any money from this - American Express will donate all of the money to food allergy research, and the organization that we recommended to receive the money is FAI.

You can help us in a few ways:

First, please nominate our project "Find a Cure for Food Allergies":

1. Go to [url="http://www.membersproject.com"]http://www.membersproject.com[/url] . (Or, if you prefer to not use the link from this email, enter "American Express Members Project" in Yahoo or Google search to find the web site.)

2. Before you can nominate, you'll need to sign up. If you are a cardholder, sign up as a cardholder at the top of the screen, and if you're not a cardholder, sign up as a Guest at the bottom of the screen.

3. Type "Find a Cure for Food Allergies" in the search box at the top of the page, select "Find a Cure for Food Allergies" from the resulting list, and then click on "Nominate this Project".

You'll know you did it right if you get the message "You have nominated this project" and the count goes up by 1. That's it! You've helped!

The deadline for nominating projects is September 1, and anyone 13 or older who has an email account can participate. Remember, you don't need to be an American Express cardholder - just sign in as a Guest.

Second, PLEASE consider publicizing this among your family, friends, professional associations, etc. in whatever way you are able.

Third, please consider posting a note in the Discussion section of our project on the Members Expressweb site. One of the criteria American Express uses to select the winner is community involvement and discussion.

When we last checked, "Find a Cure for Food Allergies" had 537 nominations on the Members Project web site. After September 1, the top 25 projects will be listed, and then American Express Cardholders will vote on the 5 winners, including the 1st prize of $1.5 million. We need hundreds more to secure a position in the top 25 nominated projects. Currently the #1 project has about 2600 nominations, and #25 has about 600 nominations. With 537 nominations, we are #30! With your help, making it into the top 25 is clearly within reach!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at [email][email protected][/email].

Thank you in advance for your help to "Find a Cure for Food Allergies"!

Paul and Fran
(parents of a child with food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, sesame, and mustard)

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