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Pizza Hut

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By Julied on Wed, 05-23-01, 19:37

Does anyone know about Pizza Hut and if their food is safe for pa people? It has always been one of our favorites, but we have not gone there since discovering our 21 month old's allergy several months ago. Thanks for any info. you can give me!

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By Tina123 on Wed, 05-23-01, 22:10

I too had wondered about Pizza Hut, we used to go there sometimes, you know, before PA diagnosis. When I called to ask them if it was safe, I got the delivery number. When I asked to have the phone number for the restaurant to speak with the manager, I was told that they weren't allowed to give that info. Even after I explained to them why, they still wouldn't give it to me. She then told me that they don't use peanut products in the kitchen. She said it was safe. But, they have the ice cream out in the dining area, with the toppings in the open, including the peanuts! Too risky for me.

I personally don't go there anymore because of the peanuts being in the dining area and I don't appreciate that they wouldn't allow me to speak to the manager at the restaurant.

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By Cayley's Mom on Thu, 05-24-01, 01:36

Pizza Hut in Canada won an award in the "Family Restaurant" category, from The Anaphylaxis Network of Canada. Here is an exerpt from the ANC web site:

The Family Restaurants Award was presented to Pizza Hut Canada. Pizza Hut Canada has instituted a "no peanut" policy in response to their customers needs. In 2000, they launched the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association's Allergy Aware program in all of their 340 dine-in and delivery Pizza Hut restaurants. They keep a quick reference allergen ingredient summary chart that lists all of the Priority Allergens for 98% of all their products and is available upon request. All managers are trained in identifying the high-risk allergens, reducing the risks of cross contamination, and communicating information to their staff. The Call Centre follows the allergen chart and ingredient information in order to respond appropriately to their customer's allergen inquiries. Pizza Hut has strived to be a safe place for the anaphylactic individual to eat.

Sorry I can't help with the status of the U.S. Pizza Huts.

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By Melanie Dillard on Thu, 05-24-01, 13:01

I am PA and have eaten Pizza Hut all my life. I have never had a problem with any of their products (pizza, bread sticks, sauce, etc.) at any location.

However, all the locations I have ever eaten at did not have an ice cream parlor in it, so there might be a situation where cross-contamination can occur in the one that you have visited, but as for Pizza Hut, they have been safe for me.

Hope that this helps,

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By no nuts on Fri, 05-25-01, 02:57

A few years ago we called the Pizza Hut headquarters, checked all ingredients, then called our local manager, then checked again when we got there. It took weeks to get it all straight, but now we do eat there. I have a very limited comfort zone, and Pizza Hut and Olive Garden are one of the VERY few places we will let our PA child eat. We always get the same things, and NEVER dessert. She has eaten veggie-lovers and supreme pan pizzas, pepperoni pizza and garlic bread w/cheese.

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By Linda-Jo on Fri, 05-25-01, 14:25

We frequent Pizza Hut alot. We happen to know the manager at the one in our area, so he knows our situation. He will accomodate any one's food allergy and make them a pizza just for them! They also have a website and I think the ingredients are listed ([url]http://www.pizzahut.com[/url]). When we travel, it's the one place we look for! I do check with each location, especially when we travel to Florida, as the south tends to use more peanut oils than here up North. As a matter of fact, we went to a Pizza Hut near Disney in Florida, and the manager there had a peanut allergy so he was very aware!

The only thing we don't allow her to eat is their dessert pizza. IT DOES have ground nuts in the topping. Also, at the salad bar, she stays away from the croutons and those seeds (I think they're sunflower). Otherwise, we love their pizza and breadstix. My daughter's favorite are the cinnamon sprinkled breadstix. She has also had their pasta.

I would check every time you go though and not just take my word for it, as every location can be different.

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By Head Cook on Mon, 05-28-01, 23:57

Last time I checked, our Pizza Hut used soy cheese. Soy allergies beware!

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By Gardner on Sun, 09-16-01, 23:18

I reviewed Pizza Huts web site and was unable to find nuts as an ingredient for the dessert pizza. My son who has a confirmed peanut allergy has eaten it on a number of occassions with no difficulty whatsoever. The same goes for the sundae bar. We have only ever eaten in Canadian Pizza Huts so this may be the reason.

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By williamsmummy on Thu, 10-18-01, 13:25

went to a pizza hut here in the uk with was told that nut traces were in every thing and they couldnt promise that their food was safe. what a total cop out!!!!
So ran to Macdonalds , william sat eating that straight out of the box and we had a pizza!!! and we refused a plate that they offered for william !
so yet again is the golden arches for us !!!

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By ajas_folks on Thu, 10-18-01, 13:56

We've been getting pizza only from the "Take-out-only" Pizza Huts (whatever they are called). I've not seen one of these yet with dessert pizzas available. Has anyone found that some of these Pizza Huts have dessert pizza too?

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By MacAllister'sMom on Fri, 10-19-01, 02:03

We just had Pizza Hut pizza tonight and my pa 17mo. old ate quite a bit. There ingredients are listed on their website pizzahut.com I love when companies list ingredients -- I don't trust anyone else to read the label.

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By SF on Tue, 11-27-01, 17:06

[url="http://www.pizzahut.com"]www.pizzahut.com[/url] or (800) 948-8488

I spoke with a customer service rep. yesterday that informed me they only use soybean oil. They do not use any nut products. However, she was very short with me and their customer service skills need some help! I plan to contact them again to double check before I purchase their foods!!

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By macer on Tue, 02-19-02, 05:17

does anybody know when they list lecithin in the flavouring oil what it is derived from, also what is flavouring oil used in?

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By CVB in CA on Tue, 02-19-02, 15:36

Pizza Hut in Kissimee, Fl. (where many rental condo's for Disney vacation are located) very allergy aware on peanut allergy. May even be same one cited as above!

Local Pizza Hut here near my home clueless, but Mountain Mike franchise aware and has no peanuts, even toured kitchen.

No fancy shmancy "yuppie" pizza with chicken/peanut/thai or pesto/almond/cashew/chicken like a local "gourmet" pizza place. It has quite good pizza, but can't take the kids there as they are allergy hopeless.

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By dominick'smom on Wed, 02-20-02, 04:24

Our son has a very severe peanut allergy and Pizza Hut is on our short list of safe resturants we frequent. They have a standard menu, are aware of food allergies and are totally peanut-free. In fact the manager of distribution for Pizza Hut International has a peanut allergy! However, each time I place an order I still ask local management if they have substituted any ingredients at the last minute and ensure no one is eating anything in the kitchen! Just to be on the safe side [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img].

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