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Pizza Cookie

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By GinaC on Tue, 06-19-07, 01:54

Hello all,
I put a picture of a Pizza Cookie that I've made many times and that travels quite well.
I make it milk, wheat, egg, pn and treenut free.


The recipe is on the blog entry for June 17

Take care,

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By dgood on Thu, 09-27-07, 01:06

That is the cutest idea. I love it and plan to try it! It would be adorable for a preschool birthday celebration or party. Thank you!

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By josh'smom on Sat, 09-29-07, 03:59

GinaC that looks so cute,but I can't seem to find the recipe? Can you help please. I know my kids would love it.

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By MommyMegan on Sat, 09-29-07, 18:45

Yeah I would LOVE the recipe for this!!!

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By GinaC on Tue, 10-23-07, 01:15

Here is the link to the recipe for the pizza cookie:

Have fun!

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