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Pillsbury frosting

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By becca on Mon, 12-01-03, 17:50

I have a bit of a dilemma. I think Pillsbury(USA) frosting is dairy free, but I have never used it. Now that they are General Mills(Not sure if that applies to the frostings) are they safe by folks here? I only found a single post from 2 years ago saying they did not use a dedicated line and there could be traces of nuts. But I am hoping things have changed.

We use Better Crocker, but there is a boy in dd's class also dairy allergic(and dd is also egg allergic) and this is where we are having a hard time with a common product to use for decorating Gingerbread houses next week.

The other mom uses Pillsbury(she thinks) but never calls manufacturers. I might add her son is more sensetive overall that doo, I believe, and has had no problems.

My dd will most definately lick her fingers. I cannot control her sampling candy or sweets, LOL!

I might just bring her own Betty Crocker to use on her own that day, but if I find Pillsbury is safe, it would be better that way. becca

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By becca on Mon, 12-01-03, 18:00

Replying to myself, but I just called and got the "allergen wash" speach.

They do not use any dedicated lines, but if any top 8 allergens are used they do a regular wash, *then* a second wash with the "allergen wash". I asked, "What exactly is an allergen wash?" She expalined it is an *additional wash* after the regular wash, and uses chemicals that should remove traces of allergens for any of the top 8, and she included peanuts/nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, shellfish as she rattled them off. They believe this removes all chances of cross contamination so they do not label for cross contact or shared equipment.

Sounds as clean as Breyers Ice cream or Edy's which I use. So maybe I will allow this one product for a day at school. becca

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By Janet Laflamme on Mon, 12-01-03, 19:18

Interesting info. We also only use the General Mills frosting if I don't make homemade. However we just found out our youngest (18 months) is milk and egg allergic. This would help out if I needed frosting for both children in a hurry or a quick special treat. I'll have to check it out next time at the grocery store.

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By becca on Mon, 12-01-03, 19:32

BTW, they are owned by Mulitfoods(the baking mixes and frosting items), not General Mills. I clicked a different link from the main Pillsbury link to get to the area where the baking mixes and frostings were(as opposed to refrigerated doughs and such). It clearly had a "multifoods" logo on the page somewhere, as opposed to General Mills. becca

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By tando on Mon, 12-01-03, 20:44

This is interesting. I checked labels but I've never been able to find a store-bought frosting that both did not list dairy ingredients and did not list itself as produced on dairy equipment (its been a few months, so maybe the labels have changed for this brand). I guess the "allergen wash" would be an example of the DE designation not necessarily being a good indicator of the presence of dairy -- as long as you're comfortable with the "allergen wash".

I'll have to look into this further. Thanks for both posts, Becca!


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By solarflare on Tue, 12-02-03, 05:46

Jason is egg, peanut, tree nut and coconut allergic (and shellfish, wheat, soy, sesame and oat allergic) and he's never had problems with the vanilla, lemon or cream cheese flavored pilsbury frostings. He's pretty sensitive to just traces of peanut and tree nut these days.

I've also used the vanilla frosting with my moderately milk allergic 1 year old dd with no problems.

Cheryl, mom to Jason (6 PA/TA/other FAs and EAs),Joey (4 NKA) and Allison (11/02 dairy sensitive)

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By nancy023 on Tue, 12-02-03, 22:03

My son, Aaron, is dairy and peanut allergic and regularly eats Pillsbury vanilla and chocolate fudge icing. He loves the stuff.

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By kelly01 on Tue, 12-02-03, 22:24

Hi Becca:
My son is PA only. Our prefered brand is Betty Crocker, but he has eaten the Pillsbury MANY times with no problems. For the time being, we are comfortable with the "allergen wash".


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By becca on Tue, 12-02-03, 23:34

Thanks so much guys. I will allow it. I am more strict than this other Mom, but she is very careful, nonetheless. I feel like I need a little flexibility here and there to make things work between them and their combined allergies.

Though I do wish the school did less food projects, this gingerbread house one is cute and a Christmas tradition at the school(a Christian school).

It is always comforting to hear that others have used a product without troubles. Nice to have a backup brand in a pinch as well. I have had it happen that I cannot find Betty Crocker in a pinch(always have 2 cans on hand now plus scratch supplies)! becca

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