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Peter Can\'t Eat Peanuts

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By Jen224 on Tue, 06-06-06, 20:45

Just thought I'd forward this new PA book for kids. We just ordered it--got a nice email from the author too.


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By synthia on Wed, 06-07-06, 03:50

We have it,dd loves it.

She knows it is NOT her fault.

Every PA child should get it,and ALL schools should stock it. JMO [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Thank You!!!!!!

Love this site

Edited to add Maybe ALL doctors should give it to ALL the PA children.JMV

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By Peter's mom on Sat, 08-26-06, 03:20

My PA DS got this book from his grandma for his birthday (he turned 3 June 22), and he loves it too. We read it almost every night and he almost knows it by heart. Everytime we get to the part about not sharing food he asks me to pretend to offer him food so he can tell me he has a peanut allergy and that I should check the label. Also because Peter in the story has a medic alert bracelet he now wears his all the time (we ordered the bracelet at the same time as the book and it came just in time for his birthday), and shows his bracelet to anyone who will look. He also thinks it's cool that the book is about "him" (the boy in the story even looks like my Peter, big blue eyes & light brown hair, which I think is pretty cool too).
This has helped make me feel he will be better prepared for going to a pre-school class this fall.-I of course will still advocate for him- make sure everyone knows about his allergy, is trained in the use of an epi-pen, etc.
Overall I would highly recommend this book.

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