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Personalized Cupcake Holders!

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By zimbali on Thu, 01-31-08, 19:37

Hi PA parents,

I recently started up a personalized gift business, and one item I have might be of particular interest to you - a personalized cupcake holder! As a PA mom, I always get so nervous sending my 4-year-old to birthday parties because of those dangerous birthday cakes. Now I send him with a safe cupcake in his personalized Cup-a-Cake, and he feels special, not like an outcast because of his allergy.

You can view this product at [url="http://www.you-name-it.biz/cupacake.jpg."]http://www.you-name-it.biz/cupacake.jpg.[/url] It comes in blue and pink and is $8. 10% off all first orders! I ship across the U.S.

My entire site is [url="http://www.you-name-it.biz."]http://www.you-name-it.biz.[/url] I also sell personalized party favors and children/teen/family gifts.

[i]You Name It! Personalized Gifts[/i]

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