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Peanuts in Laundry Deturgents

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By JEGaudet on Sun, 08-01-99, 15:55

I have a seven year old who is allergic to peanuts as well as eggs and several medications. I have learned through the years that peanuts can be in almost any product in any factory. But peanuts are also used to make detergants, I am looking to find out if any one has knowledge of peanuts in laundry soaps, or how I can find out if a soap has peanuts in it. Or for that matter if any soap has peanut products in it.
Thanks for your help in advance.

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By Kris on Mon, 08-02-99, 02:12

I have never heard of peanuts in laundry detergent. My 2 year old son is allergic to peanuts and I use Tide Free and Downy Free in the wash. I have never had any problems with either one of those products. All of my kids do break out if I use anything with fragrance or color so I feel safe using those two products.

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By MaryLynn on Mon, 08-02-99, 12:58

When my daughter was an infant, she would break out in hives/rashes at the drop of a hat. After her peanut allergy was diagnosed, I too heard of the "rumor" of peanuts and peanut shells being used as filler in laundry detergent. I promply called the makers of Ivory Snow, Tide and Lever, makers of Surf and Snuggle. These were the only products I could use without my daughter breaking out.

All the companies assurred me that no peanuts, shells or by products were used, esp. now with the "ultra" soaps/detergents. One company even researched this as the person answering the phone had also heard the "rumor". They called me back and said that one of the chemists had hear the information passed on by a catalog-type soap retailer. But as far as they were aware none of the major companies has used peanut products over the past 10 years.

I felt pretty safe after calling, and nothing I have seen or heard has changed my mind about laundry products. Esp. since the friend who had informed me of this later confirmed that she had heard the info from a sales rep from the soap company in question.

Hope this helps.

Mary Lynn

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