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peanuts at the park

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By knarvaez on Mon, 05-16-05, 23:06

I have a 2 year old and 6 year old with peanut/tree nut allergies. We have just moved to a new community where my 6 and 10 year old signed up to play ball. My heart sank when I attended my first game and learned they sold peanuts at the concession stand. The shells and many whole nuts were everywhere. I can not take my exploring two year old to the park and feel safe. I need advice on how to approach the park when I am new to the community. We are new to this, we have only been aware of this allergy for about 5 months.

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By Peg541 on Tue, 05-17-05, 01:01

Peanuts and baseball. Hard one to fight. My instinct is to say stay away from that place because PA is too serious.

I mean there are some things we can fight like maybe airlines or schools but even if they get rid of the peanuts at the park the residue is going to be there forever. Maybe not that long but shells all over the ground?

You could contact the dept of parks and recreation in that area and start a dialog. Go easy so you don't alienate yourself but be informative and firm.

Good luck.

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By Nutternomore on Tue, 05-17-05, 04:00

A few years ago when DS started to play ball, we approached the league office and raised the issue. Fortunately, they were somewhat familiar with the issue; they actually sent out an e-mail communication to all the coaches prior to the start of the season asking them to request that parents not bring peanut products to the games.

It didn't completely eliminate the hazard, but it definitely helped...

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