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Peanut safe guinea-pig food!!

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By JSchafer on Mon, 10-16-06, 19:25

My PA daughter's class had a Guinea pig donated. Long story short, she reacted because the food had peanut in it.

Not wanting my little girl to be the reason the class had to get rid of the class pet, I went to work looking for a safe food.

Thought about a fresh food diet, but this is extra work for teacher, extra cost, and hard to keep the pig healthy.

More cuddling up with Google and the web paid off! I found a brand of guinea pig food that is peanut safe!! Mazuri brand food (in the 25 lb bags only - NOT the little bags) is peanut-safe - it is made in a peanut free facility. (This is from the company as of 10/16/06).

I ordered the feed through a local feed store to avoid shipping and it was only $14.00 for the 25lb. bag!!


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By hblmom on Mon, 10-23-06, 19:27

We maintain peanut and soy free guinea pigs, although it's a fair bit of work. The kids love them though, and they are cute.

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By JSchafer on Mon, 10-23-06, 19:48

The pellets are NOT soy safe - but you probably already knew that. Sorry.

Good luck with the fresh food diet.

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By Jimmy's mom on Mon, 10-23-06, 20:22

We use Mazuri Rat & Mouse for DD's gerbils. The gerbil food they had at the store (differeent brand) contained peanuts. I didn't call, but no peanuts are listed on the Mazuri package. I didn't call because I figured I don't care if the gerbils have may contains--they are in non-PA DD's room, and PA DS rarely goes in there.

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By McCobbre on Sat, 10-28-06, 15:50

Our son's teacher ended up using Gourmet Rabbit Chow for the classroom rabbit because of the info I found about where it's made. You might find it useful at some point:

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By sillyfeline on Sun, 12-10-06, 23:47

Quote:Originally posted by hblmom:
[b]We maintain peanut and soy free guinea pigs, although it's a fair bit of work. The kids love them though, and they are cute. [/b]

I cannot find soy-free anything for guinea pigs. What did you feed your guinea pigs? We want to get one but I am anaphylactic to soy and I was under the impression that without the store-bought stuff, the guinea pig would be malnourished.

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By hblmom on Tue, 12-12-06, 00:53

Our pigs eat Natural balance Vegetarian dog food, rolled oats, Uncle Sam's Flax flake cereal and Brown's Timothy pellets all mixed together. The most difficult thing is the vitamin C. it is vital for them, our pigs are good about eating their oranges daily (about 1/8 of an orange each) as well as a variety of greens, hays, and in the summer we grow grasses and baby carrot tops and herbs. Never tell anyone what you are going to feed them if asked, they will swear the pigs will die. My vet says it's fine and our pigs are very healthy. The lady we got them from who is a breeder was initially worried about the way we were going to feed them, but says they are growing well and they are beautiful.
Also due to shavings problems with allergies and asthma, our pigs live on fleece. My e-mail is in my profile if you have questions.
This weeks menu has consisted of chopped kale, cilantro, parsley, romaine, organic wheat grass and organic basil, oranges, small pieces of watermelon in addition to their dry grains and vegetarian dog food, timothy hay cubes and bermuda grass (dried in a bag).

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By chanda4 on Sat, 01-13-07, 02:03

Thank you for the info!! I rescued our guinea pig about 4yrs ago...and over thos e4 years, ALL 4 of my kids have become allergic to him. I am trying to find a good home to adopt him, right now he lives in a big cage in the laundry room, but no one is allowed ot hold him anymore...who would have known, allergic to a guinea pig???!!!! Anyways, thanks for the food info, I usually handle the food, but it dawned on me a while back that some may contain nuts.

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By meadow on Tue, 01-23-07, 03:05

I'm responding a little late, but as they say better late than never.

We have multiple guinea pigs. We feed them plenty of fresh veggies, vitamin C enriched water and timothy or meadow hay, oats are a favorite too. We just had a couple have physicals (long story), and they are quite healthy.

Have you considered supplying cut up veggies each day for the teacher? Expensive, yes but will help you have peace of mind.

Best wishes.

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By kjejkc on Mon, 04-16-07, 20:31

We have two guinea pigs that we adore. We order the food and hay from the Oxbow company. I called them and the owner called me back personally to assure me they do not use any nuts of any kind. I have had no trouble with either the food or hay for over two years. We get the cavy cuisine and timothy hay. You can find Oxbow on the internet and they sell locally in some specialty stores - you can check the website to find out.

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By sillyfeline on Wed, 04-18-07, 01:37

In my research, nuts were far less prevalent than soy in guinea pig food.

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