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peanut oil

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By Isabelle on Thu, 01-24-08, 19:55

Why did the Dr tell my daughter that peanut oil is ok when my grandson is allergic to all nuts??? And I always see the topic peanut oil.

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By niche on Thu, 01-24-08, 22:21

In the food allergy book I reference it says something to the effect that highly processed peanut oil contains virtually no peanut protien however cold pressed oil contains peanut protien and would pose a danger for a person allergic to peanut. since it is usually not easy to know what type of peanut oil is used for what product he would advise patients to avoid all peanut oil.

Which is what we do.

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By barbfeick on Sun, 04-19-09, 18:11

There is still a very small amount of peanut protein in even "phamaceutical" grade peanut oil. For most people with food allergies, it seems to be ok. If your child has a fatal allergy, it is not safe.

The peanut oil that is in vaccine adjuvants may be the main cause of peanut allergy. The aluminum in the vaccine adjuvant increases the body's reaction to even trace amounts of food protein.

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