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Peanut-free Mars bars!!

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By kylaC on Sun, 10-08-06, 19:33

I was watching Hockey Night in Canada last night and saw an ad for Mars bars. They are now peanut-free in Canada! I hope this is a trend!


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By on Mon, 10-09-06, 16:39

They also have the mini-halloween Mars bars with the peanut-free label.

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By Junebug'smom on Sat, 01-13-07, 16:29

there is a site called peanutfreeplanet that has mars bars and other candies/cookies.

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By DaBear on Tue, 04-03-07, 22:45

Kudos to the Mars product line company. Our PA son now gets to enjoy the peanut free Mars bar product here in Canada, and equally so the whole family. We also enjoy the peanut free Mars bar TV commercials!!

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By Beth V on Thu, 04-19-07, 00:05

Hi All,
Where do you get the peanut free Mars bars? I went on peanutfreeplanet.com but didn't see any. Thanks, Beth

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By kylaC on Sun, 04-22-07, 03:49


The peanut-free Mars bars are only in Canada that I'm aware of. Not sure if you can get them online anywhere. I haven't checked.

Where do you live?


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By gw_mom3 on Sun, 04-22-07, 07:30

Quote:Originally posted by Beth V:
[b]Hi All,
Where do you get the peanut free Mars bars? I went on peanutfreeplanet.com but didn't see any. Thanks, Beth[/b]
The mars bars are on [url="http://www.peanutfreeplanet.com/5.html"]this page[/url] . About the 7th item from the bottom. Their site is very difficult to navigate for me. For one thing the main page loads takes forever to load and the navigation links are the last thing to load. Then when I click on 'products' which sounds like it should list everything they have, there isn't much. If that isn't the size mars bars you want you could email them and ask if they have others. They seem to respond to emails pretty quickly.


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By erik on Mon, 04-23-07, 00:48

You can also order the peanut-free Mars bar (along with peanut-free Aero, Kit Kat, Smarties and Coffee Crisp) at:


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By kylaC on Tue, 04-24-07, 20:23

Does anyone know if the Mars bars are also free of tree nuts? I didn't see a warning on the bar, but wondered about calling them to ask. Didn't want to if someone else has already done that.



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By Mimom on Fri, 04-27-07, 10:45

I am TNA and have been wondering about this also.

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