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Peanut Free Icecream - CANADA

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By Mama on Sun, 05-27-07, 20:40

Just heard of 2 brands of Peanut Free icecream in Canada.

Master Choice
Stoney Creek Dairy (some flavours) , they are marked PEANUT FREE.

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By SallyL on Mon, 05-28-07, 03:25

Just a tip about the MastersChoice. I almost gave some to my daughter last year since it's labeled peanut-free, but then I read the side and it said "May contain traces of peanuts". Don't know how that makes it 'peanut-free'...scary,eh?

That was last year and they don't sell that brand where I shop, so it may have changed - just didn't want to let this go by without mentioning it!

We always buy Chapmans - black boxes are all peanut-free (though we haven't seen any non-black boxes!)

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By on Mon, 05-28-07, 13:18

Master Choice is made by Stoney Creek. Originally they went peanut-free, but received a lot of feed back from the pa community. They quickly decided to also go nut free.

Both brands now have peanut & nut free ice-cream. Read the label as there may be some old stock in stores.

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By chuser on Mon, 05-28-07, 14:15


Just my 2 cents worth regarding Stoney Creek. I remember last year I heard that they were peanut free. When reading their labels it had "may contain walnuts". That warning label was still there a month ago when I checked again. I am a very apprehensive of a manufacturer that does not understand that a significant portion of the PA population is allergic to nuts as well. They put a peanut free label on their ice cream and then have a "may contain walnuts" in the ingredient section. Makes me wonder if they really get it and understand cross contamination issues.

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By Mama on Mon, 05-28-07, 20:42

Wow, where have we been. I don't usually shop at Ultra, it was just by chance, so I noticed them, so they have been around for a while?

I will have to look at the ingredients next time to see what they say. We will stick to Chapmans for the time being.

Thanks, for all your input.

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