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Peanut Free Daycare?

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By kmoths on Mon, 07-14-08, 19:19

What is a peanut free daycare? How peanut free should they be?
My son's daycare claims to be PN free, i am just wondering what that should entail.

I hope this question doesn't sound to idiotic.

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By AsAllergy on Mon, 07-14-08, 19:39

My daughter's daycare (in NC) is peanut free and they do no allow any types of nuts into their school. As a matter of fact we had our first "situation" on Friday when one of the moms brought in a cake that said "may contain peanuts & nuts". They made the mom go buy another cake and then they called me. They do not serve any food w/nuts in it...period.

I made an info sheet for all of her teachers that describes her allergy and what to look for. It also mentions exactly what to do in case of a reaction.

Her daycare has been AWESOME, but I have to say I had to apeak up and mention the seriousness of it before they really stepped it up and made it known to everyone that they were a peanut free school.

Don't just assume that they will watch out for you son. Good luck!

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By kmoths on Tue, 07-15-08, 02:34

Does you daughter eat the food at her school or do you pack her a lunch everyday? My son is still eating some baby food and graduates so I haven't crossed that road yet. I am planning on meeting with the sales person for the distributor but am curious to how others handle this situation.

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By Mrsdocrse on Thu, 07-24-08, 23:35

When my son was in day care they were peanut free. they cooks all the meals there and did not allow people to bring in food. Birthdays ect they coul dbring in food but it had to have a label and could not contain may contains.


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