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Peanut Free Candy Corn

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By ReneeSmith on Wed, 10-18-06, 23:04

My son loves candy corn this time of year. Haven't noticed in the past but this year I can not find ANY candy corn that doesn't have a PA "made in a facility that manufactures nuts/peanuts" warning.

Anyone know of a PA safe brand?


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By momma2boys on Thu, 10-19-06, 02:31


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By momll70 on Fri, 10-20-06, 13:48

Yes I order candycorn from vermontnutfree.com. They are peanut/tree nut free company. I also checked on their chocolate covered pretzels as my son is allergic to seeds including sunflower and the pretzels are not made with sunflower oil. They do use soy and milk ingrediants. They also have a product like M&M's which are called "Skippers".

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By momll70 on Fri, 10-20-06, 13:55

There are also 2 other websites which I may order soon from. I haven't tried them yet. One is nothinnutty.com and the other is nutfreecandy.com. They have chocolates, jelly beans, gummy worms. For those allergic to seeds I would stay away from licorise (spelling?) because dr. says you never know what is in it.

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By ReneeSmith on Fri, 10-20-06, 15:33

Thanks everyone!

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By josh'smom on Fri, 10-20-06, 20:55

The great value from walmart and the walgreen brand are made by Blueberry hill. They have no peanuts in facility. On the back of the bag from them it will have two letter followed by 9 numbers (sounds strange but that is how they explained it to me).

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By JND on Mon, 10-23-06, 11:47

Do you know if all "Great Value" candy is actually Blueberry Hill candy? Is that 2 letter 9 number check for just the candy corn or all their candy? I wish they'd just put Blueberry Hill somewhere on the label.

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By josh'smom on Tue, 10-24-06, 01:00

Blueberry Hill told me if the bag had the 2 letters and 9 numbers then it was by them. I meant to go to walmart today. Haven't had a chance.

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By lilpig99 on Mon, 10-30-06, 04:26

I bought several large bags of candy corn with the Blueberry Hills name on them from Kmart...

Good luck...

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By 3nicks on Wed, 12-27-06, 14:57

We are big fans of Vermont Nut Fee. The skippers are the favortie!My son's friends like the quality of all the chocolates!! We have also used Divvies and their popcorn. Their site lists many other items including candy.

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