does anyone know if it is open now? ------------------
Moe's is a rapidly growing very casual southwestern grill. They make everything fresh, eg wrap up your burrito to order in front of you. It's become one of our faves. Our son was recently...
We are enjoying eating a range of chocolates from Kinnerton. They are imported from the UK and on sale in Target, K-Mart and Priceline stores in Australia. The chocolates are really yummy and come...
Just an FYI for those Eastern-Massachusetts people: Butcher Boy on rt. 125 in North Andover carries Vermont Nut Free candy for holidays. They are near the bakery. They have very cute Easter bunnies...
Was in Zellers and I saw the easter candy from Les Chocolates Vadeboncoeur. They have: DORA the Explorer, a hockey playing rabbit, SPONGEBOB, and BLUE'S CLUES. It is a peanut-free company located...
I just found this company from watching an episode of "Unwrapped" on the Food Channel. They state that they are free of the most common allergens - no nuts!
As I was looking at Halloween candy at Shopper's Drug Mart, I noticed chocolates made by Les Chocolates Vadeboncoeur (made in Quebec). On the box, it states made in a "NUT-FREE FACTORY". It is great...
My parents have just taken ownership of an inn, Isaiah Hall in Dennis, Massachusetts. They have always taken the utmost care in keeping their severly allergic granddaughter safe. Because we stay...
Has anyone tried any of the products from Nutfreecandy.com? I went to their website, and it looks like they have a pretty good selection, I was just wondering about the quality. I have a PA son...
hi ive talked to them twice, about a month ago and today. was told that the sliced is safe (a month ago) but not the rolls due to sesame. today the woman told me that they are run on different...
[url="http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2005/1/emw202789.htm"]http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2005/1/emw202789.htm[/url] Calumet Strives for Healthy Pork Calumet Diversified Meats is now one...
Was searching for safe jelly beans and came up with this company. [url="http://gimbalscandy.com/"]http://gimbalscandy.com/[/url] Does anyone have any experience with them? Kirsten
Pepperidge Farms no longer makes bread with nuts in it. Now all their breads are peanut/nut free.
Ooops - threat title should sayd Pastry Land N More. Does anyone know if this bakery is still on Harvard Street? I called yesterday and the phone number was disconnected. I called directory...
Cavendish makes a variety of frozen potato products. I purchased one that looks like the MacDonald's hash browns. It is good and all their products are peanut/nut free. Their website is [url="http...
We are in Connecticut. While looking for a new cookie, we found a variety of creme cookies made by DARE, in Canada. The package says "manufactured in a nut-free/peanut free facility. We were very...
We just found our son to be allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. I am having a hard time finding bread in the Chicago area, that isn't also wheat and gluten free. I find this frustrating since our son...
I have searched the archives for this, but maybe I looking under the wrong search criteria. Maybe they don't exist? Any peanut-free and nut-free bakeries do mail order? I see plenty for candy, but...
I have been taking Shaklee vitamins for a while now, but never visited their website until the other day. They have a lot of vitamins, skin care, hair, cosmetic products...even vitamins and a meal...
and they were open with no mention of a closing...glad my freezer is full but what a loss if they are closed [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img] Edited to say this...

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