haribo peanut free facility per their website. I believe they just make gummy products, love the gummy colas!
Hi, I just started a web site for tree nut and peanut-free businesses. [url="http://www.nutfreebusinesses.com"]http://www.nutfreebusinesses.com[/url] I have been PN and TN allergic my whole life....
Hi Everyone, Ok, my subject line was a little bias! I am the founder of Simple Food, Inc. and we love our soynut butter. The cinnamon sugar is our favorite! I just wanted to write because we are...
Further down on this board a few weeks ago, RNF posted that they were going on "hiatus." I also received an email about that time that said the same thing, suggesting it's temporary. Now the website...
I just discovered a new donut shop in town (only 2 days old) that is peanut and sesame seed free! I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I swear it's the only donut/coffee shop around here that fits...
Sorry if these have been posted before, but they seem like a couple of great businesses.... [url="http://www.divvies.com"]www.divvies.com[/url] [url="http://www.cherrybrookkitchen.com"]www....
I just wanted to let everyone know about this woman and her company. The candy is wonderful and totally nut free. There was an article about her in our local Chicago area paper. I hope I can cut...
FYI, Coney Island Ice Cream Store (on Route 16) in West Newton segregates (in a separate freezer) its peanut-based ice creams from its peanut-free ice creams. In addition, it has ice cream scoopers...
Hope everyone's summer is going well! We are in a bit of a transition here at Rebecca's Nut-Free, and are placing the online store on hold, but we wanted to give folks a chance to get an order in. We...
Just heard of 2 brands of Peanut Free icecream in Canada. Master Choice Stoney Creek Dairy (some flavours) , they are marked PEANUT FREE.
Collago is a new company in the province of Quebec. It's "allergy-free". No peanuts/nuts/eggs nor dairy The website is French only [url="http://www.collago.ca/index.html"]http://www.collago.ca/index...
Hi, Kmart is selling chocolate Easter bunnies from a company that manufactures in a Peanut Free Facility. My daughter will be so excited to get a chocolate easter bunny. I bought a huge one and some...
I have been delighted with the baked goods at Pastry Land N More at 417 Harvard St. in Brookline, MA. 617-278-2400. The shop is owned by a tree nut-allergic pastry chef who has also made the...
anyone else frustrated by candy bars they used to eat that now have warnings about being produced in a factory that uses peanuts or other nuts? Arrrgghhh!!!! i'm sure its the same as it was, but...
Only peanut free though they have some other nuts. Just wanted to pass on Weinrich Bakery in Newtown Square, PA is totally peanut free (again they do have treenuts). It is a family owned bakery...
I was watching Hockey Night in Canada last night and saw an ad for Mars bars. They are now peanut-free in Canada! I hope this is a trend! [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Bar#Peanut_Free"]...
A friend sent me this website. The candy looks great. Thought the milk and egg allergic folks might like some more alternatives. [url="http://www.gimbalscandy.com"]http://www.gimbalscandy.com[/url...
I have yet to try this, but I just saw it at my local health food store: Temptations Premium Non-Dairy Frozen Desert [url="http://www.welovesoy.com"]www.welovesoy.com[/url] From their website: "...
My son has a postive RAST to soy but seems able to tolerate small amounts - soy lecithin, a little soy flour mixed into soup, etc., but I am not comfortable trying straight soy sauce. He is also...

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