Each And Every One Of St. Claire's Organic Products Are: 100% Vegetarian Organically Certified by Oregon Tilth Wheat-Free Gluten-Free Peanut and Tree Nut-Free Dairy-Free Soy-Free Shellfish and Fish-...
I just tried I.M. Healthy Original Creamy SoyNut Butter and I love it!!! I called the company today and found out that it is not only peanut free, but also tree nut and dairy free.
I received the following from another PA.com member:- Hi, Just thought this was the easiest way to let you all know that our sugaring season is now over here and we have lots of great pure vt. maple...
How can I get some? Someone once sent me TWO cases of (was it) Hershey's favorites and my son devoured them. Is there a place online I can order this stuff? It was so exciting to see such lovely...
GO TO [url="http://www.desertrose.ca"]www.desertrose.ca[/url] They are a florist and they carry nutfree chocolates. Recently i bought flowers for a friend and discovered that she carries nut free...
I just talked to the owner/chef of Galena Canning company and have good news. My dh and I have loved their salsas and sauces for years and now with PA we can still enjoy it! We stay away from most...
I was in Thunder Bay last week (NW Ontario) I found a tub of Hollandia Rainbow Buds peanut free cookies. I was so excited that I bought the last 3 tubs they had. This wasn't even one of the major...
I just heard from alex at philly swirl... and the company will be producing peanut/nut free (not dairy free!!) ice cream in a few month's I am so happpy I believe that the ice creams will be on a...
I am amazed that Gerber is now producing "may contains" And I am heartened to see that Spangler is going through such trouble to keep us/our children safe. Please take a look at both threads and...
I went to Chuck E Cheese recently and spoke with the manager regarding my son's PA. He informed me that earlier this year they went to peanut free. Included in this were the cake and items in the...
Katie's Cakes on O'Connor near Victoria Park is a nut free facility. I was in recently to buy supplies for a birthday cake and after talking to the woman working there I checked out their web-site....
BobaPals (boba characters)? What will they come up next? There are new toy characters out there that are coming to the market. Supposedly, these characters have been drinking so much boba that they...
Just thought all you parents of peanut/tree nut, or come to think of if, any kind of food allergy kids, should know that vacations don't have to be out of the question. We rarely eat out when home...
I just got this from the Spangler Candy Company. I hope it helps all of you out there. All of our hard candy and marshmallow products are free of peanuts. This includes Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, Swirl...
Anyone know of any?
Anyone know of any? Thanks!
Found out that Dollar Sweets (Australian co) are safe. I purchased some chocolate sprinkles (I'm making fairy bread for dd birthday party) and the label says Quote "No nuts or their products are used...
I came across large packaged sugar cookies with white icing that has a drawing on it like a Santa or a Star of David for the holidays, or classic pictures like a frog or teddy bear. The cookies are...
I have found a great site for allergy free products - [url="http://www.coolfruits.com."]www.coolfruits.com.[/url] They have fruit snacks, freeze pops and pumpkin seeds. NO CROSS CONTAINATION!!! 1-...
Does anyone know if Tootsie Roll has a plant in Canada or are all the candies imported from the states? I'm hoping that I can buy tootsie rolls, pops and junior mints. I love this site but am aware...

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