Sorry, I screwed up again. See my other post [This message has been edited by ElleMo (edited November 11, 2004).]
I heard indirectly that Ice Cream Works on Lincoln St. in Newton Highlands off of Walnut St. is peanut free. I have never been there and haven't called them. Curious if anyone knows anything about...
Has anyone heard of this company? My mom in Ontario received a package of these "rainbow bit cookies and the package said NUT FREE.
I just heard of a new peanut/nut/dairy/egg/soy-free company. They sell cookies, cakes, etc. Looks yummy, but I haven't tried them yet. [url="http://www.treatsforallofus.com/"]http://www....
Spoke to a person from Donsuemor Madeleines. The only thing they make are madeleines, no peanuts or nuts in the facility. They are yummy. Sometimes Starbucks carries them, and I recently found them...
I contacted Reinhart Foods Ltd. (the makers of Daltons coconuts candied cherries, etc. and more) This is the email I recieved back. I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba. "Thank you for your interest in our...
Saw an article about them in one of those parenting newspapers, that are free at the grocery store... Anyhow, Heres their website: [url="http://www.cherrybrookkitchen.com"]http://www....
This candy is peanut and nutfree. Very YUMMY! My kids loved it! You can order it online.
Does anyone know where I can purchase nut-free pure chocolate in Manitoba (or anywhere in Canada for that matter). I would like to make my own chocolate truffles etc. for christmas.
Chapmans Icecream now sells a peanut-free version of the drumstick, (I loved those as a kid.) They come with vanilla or cappuccino flavour and are topped with rice crisps. You can see them at the...
My wife has found a product that has made life a little easier for us. It is a pre-made bread dough, sold in the frozen foods section of our grocery store chain (Hiller's in southeast michigan)....
I was able to work with the community realtions director at the brockton rox (semi professional baseball team- see brocktonrox.com website) to secure a luxury box for august 18th game. It's a noon...
NYC and mailorder - Popcorn Indiana - b-way between 76-77. has caramel corn/ cheese/chocolate and plain. all kept separate. the answer to cracker jack!
Does anyone know of a safe coffee shop chain? Is there anything I could give my PA son from Starbuck's, for instance?
Hi, my name is Jeff Mains and I am the President of Touch
Here is the email I received from them today: Dubble Bubble Gum... Thank you for contacting Concord Confections. All of our products are peanut and nut free. Please visit the allergy section of our...
A place called "Rita's Ice Cones Shakes and Other Cool Stuff" just opened near us in Reisterstown, MD. From what I can tell, they are PN/TN free. I stopped by before they opened yesterday and the...
There was a posting somewhere by someone who has a company that makes nutfree, peanut free, sesame free, almost all allergen free energy bars. Al-energy bars or Allen-G- Bars or something. Cannot...
Hi everyone: What do you consider 'safe' treats for your child that you would feel comfortable buying off an ice cream truck? Anyone have any low-downs on how the major companies (like Good Humor)...
PeanutAllergy.Com's Safe Ice cream store and manufacturing facility Starting thread, will be adding more soon. Have the place and the go ahead to make it a safe facility. This is exciting news! To...

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