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The product subject to recall is: Imperial Sysco Turkey Base in 1-lb. tubs labeled as Chicken Base with SUPC # 4944450, 6 per case with case codes...
Schnucks Bakery has issued a voluntary recall on Devil’s Food Cakes decorated with pecans. Anyone with a pecan allergy who consumed this product may...
Fish Family Farm, Inc. of Bolton, CT is voluntarily recalling milk products and cream because as a precautionary measure they may be adulterated with...
La Finquita, LLC of Stamford, CT is voluntarily recalling one lot of La Finquita Quesito Fresco Campesino Fresh Farmer’s Cheese, as a precautionary...
I don't know if this has ever been discussed in the past. PLEASE be cautious with bird seed! Twice I have found peanuts in bulk sacks of mixed bird...
I am new here and hoping someone can offer help or that this story will be of help to someone else. I have an 18yr old son who we knew was allergic...
Alfredo Sauce Does anyone have a brand of Alfredo sauce they trust? Im PN/TN/EGG/Sunflower Oil Allergic
I am very new to the peanut/tree nut allergy life. I'm a class 2. Not sure what that means!! I also have to avoid sunflower oil & coconut oil. I'...
How has it been for anyone with PN allergy to eat Nutella? My son eats honey nut Cheerios which has almonds listed....just curious. Thank you
I know this may sound strange, but I've had a popcorn kernel shell stuck down in my throat for the past 10 days and I just can't seem to get it out...

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