peanut free bakery in South Florida

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By shebby on Thu, 03-01-07, 14:54

Does anyone know of a peanut free bakery in South Florida? Our local supermarkets all say "may contain peanuts" in their baked products, including bread. I would be happy to travel a few miles to get something fresh for my son as opposed to buying packaged goods like Twinkies! Thanks

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By elan05 on Tue, 03-22-11, 19:52

Maybe you should try baking something yourself rather than buying garbage from a store. It will be cheaper, healthier (if you do it right) and safer for your child.

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By I am Annie on Sun, 04-03-11, 03:00

Not everyone has all of the time in the world to bake everything at home. Besides that, not everything that you buy from a store or market is garbage. Why is it so hard for people to be civil these days?

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By cayislame on Sat, 04-02-11, 22:06

Garbage? I think that's a little uncalled for, though I do agree with making your own stuff. It's the only way to be sure, unfortunately. :/

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By nutfreechicky on Wed, 10-03-12, 20:51

Hi I know I'm just a tiny bit late on this convo lol but wanted to share that I just opened a nut free bakery in Miami. look us up at

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