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Peanut free Bakery in NJ

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By patsmommy on Mon, 02-12-07, 18:45

I stumbled across this website today


here is there list of products they use to make their stuff. I havent called about any of this.


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By Kathy L. on Mon, 02-12-07, 21:21

Thanks for posting this. I'm nowhere near Short Hills, but my SIL "up north" goes to the mall all the time. Maybe she can pickup something for my daughter, but I can't tell from the site if they have a retail store or are just mail order.

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By patsmommy on Mon, 02-12-07, 23:18

I tried to call today but their phone was busy. I emailed them. I will let you know if i hear anything the stuff looks good though.

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