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Peanut free bakery in Newtown Square ,PA

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By Happymommy on Tue, 05-01-07, 14:01

Only peanut free though they have some other nuts. Just wanted to pass on Weinrich Bakery in Newtown Square, PA is totally peanut free (again they do have treenuts). It is a family owned bakery operating since 1961. It looks like it is managed by their daughter, and she was very allergy aware. She said they do use almonds, walnuts and pecans in some items, but you won't find them hidden in other products (the only product which has almonds that are "hidden" are the spitz cookies). We are avoiding tree nuts, so I'm not as concerned about cross contamination of those as others might be. But, they do not use peanuts, peanut oil or peanut butter. She said one person requested peanut butter icing 12 years ago, and at that time they did make it for her, but they made it in a separate container and kept it away from everything else--- she said they haven't done that for 12 years now,and now they get such a large peanut allergic clientele that they don't do that anymore. There is a large sign on the front of the bakery explaining how they are a "no peanut bakery." The woman in there was very friendly and happy to talk about how and why they became peanut free. We just ordered our first birthday cake in years. If anyone wants more info, please let me know. I probably will still make cupcakes for my peanut allergic son (he doesn't mind since he likes my cupcakes better than bakery cake)-- but at least I can order a cool looking birthday cake for our family party, and not be afraid to have it in my house I don't know if that makes sense(he's 7, so he understands not to eat it), until he's tested once again for other nuts.

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