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Peanut flour

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By Drew's mom on Mon, 02-18-02, 19:40

Does anyone know anything about peanut flour? My PA son just ate a Chips Ahoy cookie that contained peanut flour. I immediately freaked out, but fortunately there was no reaction.

Since discovering his PA we have stayed away from all peanut products.

Chick-fil-A tried to convince me that their peanut oil was processed at a high temp. that took out the allergen, however, that was not a risk worth taking. But now this peanut flour incident has me stumped (in a good way!).

Has anyone else had a peanut flour experience?

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By erik on Tue, 02-19-02, 03:03

What country was the "Chips Ahoy" made in?

"Chips Ahoy" cookies made in Canada by Christie (Nabisco) do not contain any peanut flour (same as their other brands, such as Oreos, Fudgeeos, etc). Are you sure it was the "Chips Ahoy" brand? Or was it some other brand/company.

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By Drew's mom on Tue, 02-19-02, 15:23

It was Chips Ahoy made by Nabisco in the US, but it was the "Candy Blasts" kind. I called Nabisco and was told that original Chips Ahoy (blue bag), Chewy Chips Ahoy (red bag), and the Chunky Chips Ahoy, are all safe. However, the "Candy Blasts" are processed on the same line as the pb kind, so we consider ourselves very lucky this time and much to Drew's displeasure, he won't be having another one of these.

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By erik on Tue, 02-19-02, 23:07

Wow.. that is great there was no reaction....

Thanks for warning us all about the candy blasts Chips Ahoy. Not sure if we have those in Canada, but now we can keep an eye open for them and avoid them.


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By California Mom on Wed, 02-20-02, 15:41

We had a very similar experience with peanut flour about a year and 1/2 ago. I stupidly let my daughter eat some plain chex mix without checking the label since I knew I had checked it in the past. My husband read the label and saw peanut flour listed as the last ingredient. We totally freaked out, but my daughter ended up being totally fine. I think that peanut flour was listed as a precaution for cross contamination, since they had begun making a chex mix which contained peanuts. I think we were just lucky that that particular bag must not have contained any.

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By angela m on Mon, 03-05-12, 23:42

Yes, my son also took a bite and swallowed a mouthful of Great Value oats and chocolate chewy bars which contain peanut flour as the very last ingredient. I didn't let him have any more, but there was absolutely no reaction. He always vomits up to three times from the tiniest amount of any peanut product. He didn't even taste it and can detect any amount by taste immediately. I researched peanut flour and learned it to be a key in building tolerance to the allergy, only to be performed by professionals.

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By warrenandme on Fri, 10-05-12, 14:51

I too was afraid to go to Chick-fil-A because they use peanut oil. They finally convinced me it would be safe due to the way the oil is processed. I made sure to take my EPIPEN with me just in case but I had no problems at all.

From what I've read about peanut flour I am not so confident about trying it. Would love to hear comments from people with PA who have tried it.

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