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peanut challenge

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By beckygolfer on Thu, 02-17-05, 00:56

A day ago i went to my doctor and got the peanut challenge it took like 5-6 hours it was really hard just to eat tiny peice of peanut and thinking im going to die or pass out from it. i was really really nervous about it but when i got on to all of the rest of the levels i felt more safer. When i was finished he said i could have them it felt like my whole life got turned over, i was so happy, today i got to bring a pb& j sandwhich for lunch.
PS. if anybody would like to ask any questionds i would be pleased.

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By kkeene on Thu, 02-17-05, 02:30

Would you mind sharing your story from start of PA to now, what testing, measures, reactions have taken place.

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By srujed on Thu, 02-17-05, 02:50

Wow, this is the second "growing out" of the allergy story today, that is great! Congrats!! I'm with the previous post, if you wouldnt mind could you give some history... TIA!!!

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By Ree on Thu, 02-17-05, 03:02

Congrats!!! You must feel so relieved and happy!

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By becca on Thu, 02-17-05, 03:24

Becky, I am so happy for you!

It must be so strange to just start eating peanut products! Yikes, right?

I would also love to hear your story. When you were diagnosed, and your age and history, etc... up until now.

Awesome! becca

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By melissa on Thu, 02-17-05, 13:00

Wow Becky how exciting for you! Would you mind sharing some info on your skin/blood test results from beginning to end? Now, go out and celebrate!

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By leers on Thu, 02-17-05, 14:55

That is great!! Congrats!!! Must be awkward eating peanut products now. Please share your story. How long have you been allergic? Were you able to stay peanut free for a certain length of time and do you think that help??? I am so happy for you...


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By Kathy L. on Thu, 02-17-05, 15:00

Beckygolfer - Aren't you about 10 years old? I think I remember your story. Is your mom also posting on peanutallergy.com? Because if I remember, you're also from NJ. Anyway, what my daughter wants to know is, were you scared?

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By beckygolfer on Thu, 02-17-05, 19:31

My stury is really big here it goes, when i was a little girl i ate it like all the time for pre school, and one day when i was eating it i had a terrible allergic reaction. The next day my mom gave it to me to see what happends and the same thing. So i wen to a doctor. when i went to the doctors he sent me to a allergy doctor so i went there and he said i needed a scratch test i did not know what that meant so i was a little afraid. A month after that i went to go and get my scratch test, it really hurt. ( i was little ) After i was done with the testing my mom andd the doctor spoke and he told me that i was allergic deadly allergic because my testing came out terrible. So for then i couldn't have them. But now it is a miracle now that i can have them! Becky

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By Kathy L. on Fri, 02-18-05, 15:46

Becky - have you tried any candy yet, like peanutbutter cups? Do you like it? Or are you still not sure you want to eat anything with peanut butter even though it's okay now?

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By mamagaona on Fri, 02-18-05, 18:16

Since Becky is away on a golf tournament, thought I'd answer.
That night, when we got home from Dr. she had Reese's pieces for a snack. Then she took pb&j for lunch the next 2 days to school. I think the school nurse and I were more worried than she was.

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By NJMomofPA on Fri, 02-18-05, 20:13

This is Lori ... you were kind enough to email me a while ago with your 504 plan being we are in the same school district. This is soooo wonderful!!!
Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you and Becky!

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By BENSMOM on Sat, 02-19-05, 00:38

Can I ask what Becky's past reactions were like? I'm going to tell my son about this--that a girl around his age had a challenge and was nervous, but it went fine. Congrats to Becky!

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By saknjmom on Thu, 02-24-05, 14:00

I am so happy to hear that your peanut challenge was successful and i hope we hear many more stories like yours on this site in the coming year.
I am sure that you were very nervous eating peanuts. We are all so accustomed to avoiding them that I am sure it was scary for you and you were brave to do it.
I am in no way criticizing you, but curious about bringing PB&J to school, especially since you once had a 504 plan and your parents most likely appreciated other children not bringing PB&J for lunch.
Are there other children with PA in your school?
I think that if my son were to outgrow the PA, I probably still wouldn't pack it in his lunch, simply out of concern for the other children.
Just curious.

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By mamagaona on Fri, 02-25-05, 02:22

Answer to question about her reactions? They were severe migraine and the violent vomits.(sorry to be so graphic)
There are other kids who are PA in her school, but not in the 5th grade and they have the last lunch to themselves. It's been pb&j almost every day. Today I convinced her to take soup as I was worried about too much pb.

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