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Peanut Butter Substitute

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By Sheryl Joy Christian on Mon, 12-24-07, 04:39

I live in NZ and wondering if anyone knows of a bought substitute for Peanut Butter. (I dream about eating peanuts and peanut butter still - only 8mths since first become PA!)

A friend made me some Hazelnut Butter which was delicious (and expensive), so I was wondering if anyone else makes any PB substitute?
Any recipes?

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By joyojoy on Tue, 12-25-07, 16:46

I have just discovered SunButter, and it is the closest thing to peanut butter that I've found yet. I have found it at every natural/whole food grocer, as well as Publix and Kroger (Southern grocery stores). For more info: [url="http://www.sunbutter.com/"]http://www.sunbutter.com/[/url]
[i]Note: The regular SunButter contains tocopheryls, which are probably derived from Soy. The Organic SunButter doesn't contain this additive.[/i]

My niece who is allergic to both soy and peanuts also enjoys a product called Peabutter which is also pretty good, but I still like Sunbutter better. For more info go to [url="http://www.jsfoods.us/product.htm"]http://www.jsfoods.us/product.htm[/url]

PS... I posted a delicious recipe using SunButter in another thread on this forum: [url="http://www.peanutallergy.com/boards/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/252178/Main/30243/#Post252178"]http://www.peanutallergy.com/boards/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/252178/Main/30243/#Post252178[/url]

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By syzygy on Fri, 01-11-08, 04:15

We eat soynut butter. It's made from toasted soy beans. And it really does smell and taste like PB, as well the texture is nearly identical. I found it in the health food section of a local grocery store.

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By Colleencz on Sat, 01-12-08, 00:08

Do you know if they sell Sunbutter at Trader Joes?

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By lj on Mon, 01-14-08, 22:05

Yes, they sell their own version of Sunbutter at Trader Joe's under private label. We always bought that before Sunbutter came available in our Hannaford supermarkets. I never had a problem with the one at Trader Joe's. It's delicious.

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By Ra3chel on Mon, 01-21-08, 20:56

I'm awfully fond of [url="http://www.simplefood.com/"]Simple Food's soynut butter[/url] - it comes in different degrees of sweetness, which is a nice feature.

ETA: Unfortunately, it also has sunflower oil. Which I'm apparently very allergic to. Drat.

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