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Peanut Allergy Symptoms

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By Jen on Sun, 02-21-99, 22:59

Recently, whenever I overdose on peanuts (have a Mr. Goodbar or chicken fried rice), I break out around my mouth in tiny little cold sore-like cysts and get canker sores inside my mouth. This has occurred enough times to attribute it to consumption of peanuts/peanut oil (believe). Is this a common food allergy symptom? I haven't found it included in typical symptom lists. Does this symptom indicate a peanut allergy?

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By Carol S on Wed, 02-24-99, 19:32

I can't answer your question But I hope someone can. Just makes me wonder. My 2 year has peanut allergy. When I in the first grade (around those years) I had the same symptoms as you. But I never connected it with peanut butter. I've always ate peanut butter. Have you been tested?


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