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peanut allergy and dog food

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By jackarooney on Thu, 05-19-05, 19:08

I found out last night that our dog food contains peanut hulls(science diet). My son was picking up a few pieces of dog food and teasing the dogs with it. A few managed to make it to his mouth and although he did not consume any, he started getting red blothchy spots on his face. Luckily there wasn't enough to cause a severe reaction. I would have never thought that dog food would contian any kind of peaunut product!

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By my2boys on Thu, 05-19-05, 20:41

My son's last reaction happened when a neighbor's dog licked his right cheek. Within 20 minutes, his right eye started to swell and he broke out in hives on his right cheek. If he hadn't tested negative to dogs, I would have thought he had a new allergy. Luckily, I had read here that some pet foods contained peanuts. My neighbor feeds his dogs Science Diet. Bingo! It amazes me, that since peanuts are so dangerous, they seem to lurk in everything.

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By samirosenjacken on Thu, 05-19-05, 21:54

Yep.. found that out about 2 yrs ago.. was not easy finding a food without peanut hulls but we did.. the old girl doesn't like it but she eats it!

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By Anne Parrish on Fri, 05-20-05, 14:27

Yikes! We use Science Diet (Adult formula, but I forget which kind exactly) for the dog we adopted several months ago... no problem yet, thank goodness, but now I am worried. I remember checking the ingredient list very carefully & no peanuts were listed. What specific kind did you use & were the peanuts listed???


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By jtolpin on Fri, 05-20-05, 17:40

Dog foods contain LOTS of allergens -- Whether its nuts, dairy, egg, or others..

Reading is important. There allergen free dog foods out (though I KNOW they are not related to allergen free chicken nuggets from Ians) [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By jackarooney on Fri, 05-20-05, 17:53

Hi Anne,
We use both Science Diet adult and Science Diet adult light(I can't remember which flavor-I can look if you want). It was the light that listed peanut hulls. BUT, it was actually the one that did not say anything about peanuts that my son got into. I figured that it must be made at the same factory as the light. So we are now on the hunt for a dog food brand that does not use peanuts in any of their varieties of dog food.

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By TwinMom419 on Fri, 05-20-05, 23:48

Please let us know when you find one that is allergen free... we also use the Science Diet Light, and just found out about the peanut hulls (this is all so new to us!). Of course, my husband just went and bought 90 pounds of it! I'm hoping the store will take it back and switch for something else.

I think Iams and Eukanuba both make light varieties that do not include peanuts, but I don't know about their other products.

Again, please let us know if you find any! Thanks!!

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By wendysco on Tue, 05-24-05, 04:07

Iams and Eukanuba are both peanut free, so is Pro Plan and all make light formulas.
Chicken Soup for the dog lover's soul is nut free as well as the Diamond brand of dog foods (Diamond make s a PB biscuit but it is in a different plant than the food, they said all their biscuits were x-contam) Iams/Eukanuba biscuits as well as Pro Plan biscuits are safe. I have done alot of calling to dog food companies lately, our 9 year old Lab gets bouts where she throws up everything and we have two 8 month old pups with sensitive stomachs. Right now we are ordering Flint River Ranch, kind of nice having it delivered to your door.

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By MQriley2 on Tue, 05-24-05, 15:40

I am surprised at the amount of allergens in dog foods. I have two VERY allergic dogs..go figure. I guess the felt the need to fit in with the rest of the family.

Anywhoo.. we use Royal Canine. I never really thought about checking with the lines they are made on, but the actual dog food is PA free. It is so hard now a days buying treats and dog food.

Good luck,

**** edited to add

Thank you for bringing this up. We are visiting family in a few weeks and my mother's dog eats this very same food. THANK YOU!!!
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By Edinview on Thu, 05-26-05, 04:28

We have used Precise maintenance (green bag) and Diamond in both the green bag and yellow bag. Also Science Diet chicken flavored dog biscuits, and Canine Carryout chicken grillers. All have been handled by our PA son with no reactions -yet.

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