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Peabutter - Western Canadian product (nut-free facility)

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By Cayley's Mom on Tue, 10-08-02, 22:32

I just got the heads up for this product, PeaButter - check out the web site: [url="http://www.peabutter.ca"]www.peabutter.ca[/url] - this product looks GREAT! I'm not sure if they have shipping set up, but at least our Western countrymen have access to a great product. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


>Nando from J.S. Foods asked me to edit this post and to add his email as the contact for peabutter for you (to ask questions, order etc.)
You can email him. His email address is [email]"nsilenzi@sprint.ca"[/email]
As always, be sure any company you are in contact with knows you are from PeanutAllergy.Com
Stay Safe,
[email]Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com[/email] >

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By cynde on Thu, 02-06-03, 02:44

I just got some and thought it tasted great. I made a friend of mine try it and she turned up her nose. I'm going to wait until saturday morning to give it to my son, because it is made with a special type of pea, so it's a new food (legume). If he is OK with a little bit on saturday, we'll try a bit on sunday and go from there. Anyone else tried it? I'm cautiously optimistic.


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By Codyman on Wed, 04-16-03, 01:09

Has anyone tried Peabutter?

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By on Sat, 05-29-04, 14:17

Just wanted to let people know that I found this in Ontario. I didn't buy it, but I'm planning to.

It was at Loblaw's Superstore at Don Mills. (There is also a Krispy Kreme downstairs. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] )

Has anyone else tried this?

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By mldk on Mon, 06-28-04, 21:51

Since peabutter is not available in the USA yet, I was sent a free jar to try. It's fantastic! When it's available here, I'll buy lots of it! We've tried all the other substitutes for peanut butter and neither of my sons liked them.

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By MarkB on Sat, 11-06-04, 12:45

Quote:Originally posted by mldk:
[b]Since peabutter is not available in the USA yet, I was sent a free jar to try. It's fantastic! When it's available here, I'll buy lots of it! We've tried all the other substitutes for peanut butter and neither of my sons liked them. [/b]

Now available at [url="http://www.jsfoods.us"]www.jsfoods.us[/url]

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By jrb1919 on Thu, 12-30-04, 20:41

BE CAREFUL. My son is allergic to BOTH peas and peanuts. Peas are a legume and related to the peanut. This doesn't sound like a solution.

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By KarenT on Thu, 12-30-04, 21:39

I think like many think each person must decide on their comfort zone. My DD has always been able to eat peas but is allergic to PN/TN.
I have had a jar of this in my hands many times and put it back on the shelf until last weak. We tried it on toast with sugar on top and made cookies and I am going to try the choc. cups next.
My oldest two do not like it but my younger two do. I think the older two just have a negative mind set on that smell! I would not send it to school, but that is my comfort zone.


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By on Sat, 01-08-05, 01:21

I finally tried it. I like it. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

DH enjoyed a pb and banana sandwich for the first time in years. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

I'm going to recommend it to my friend - she was leery of trying any substitutes because her son is bothered by the smell of pb. But, this stuff doesn't have a strong odour.

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By Danielle on Mon, 01-10-05, 22:13

I have had it in my cupboard for 2 months now and I really like the taste. I just can't seem to give any to my PA DD. I don't know what it is, I just can't do it. Maybe I will try to make cookies with it in place of pb. Or maybe I will just keep looking at it in my cupboard.

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By beansmom on Sat, 05-14-05, 17:43

My 2 year old LOVES this stuff!!!

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By zoesmom on Mon, 06-27-05, 06:04

We have tried it and just love it. I made cookies with peabutter and they are far tastier than using real PB. If you get the chance please give it a try!

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By on Thu, 12-01-05, 16:31

raising [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By mom2lily&thomas on Fri, 02-17-06, 21:25

We're on our 2nd jar. DS (18months) has pn allerergy and he's fine with this. DD LOVES it since she had to stop having pb&J when ds was dx with the allergy.

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By lmw on Fri, 02-17-06, 22:36

We recently bought all 3 type of non-pb - soy butter, peabutter and sunbutter. DH and I like the peabutter best, DD(PA) prefers the sunbutter, and she does not like the soy one at all. I find the sunbutter a little strong, but I find all 3 acceptable. I'm hoping DD will use one of these, as she is already missing pb&j.

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By on Mon, 02-20-06, 14:36

We are having a hard time finding peabutter in the stores. Anyone else having this problem?

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By Cayley's Mom on Mon, 02-20-06, 14:51

Hi AnnaMarie,

We find ours in Zehrs or The Real Canadian Superstore, if you have those stores in your area. Cayley prefers soybutter, which is kind of a drag because peabutter costs about $2 or so less a jar! I use peabutter to make cookies and Thai stirfries, it's an excellent PB substitute.

Carolyn [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By KarenT on Mon, 02-20-06, 18:51

AnnaMarie have you tried WalMart? I always find it there.


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By happycat on Mon, 02-20-06, 20:29

Quote:Originally posted by AnnaMarie:
[b]We are having a hard time finding peabutter in the stores. Anyone else having this problem?[/b]

I wonder if it is a regional thing? I'm out in western Canada, and I can find it in every grocery store I go into. Superstore and Sobey's are two grocery stores that I see it in that I think are out east as well. (now if we could just get a decent selection of Chapman's out here, I'd be in heaven...)

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By mharasym on Tue, 02-21-06, 01:45

I hear you happycat. In the east, Chapman's is the cheapest icecream and it's EVERYWHERE. In the west it's almost as expensive as Ben & Jerry's and like finding an needle in a hay stack!

As for Peabutter, I get it at Canada Safeway, Sobey's, IGA, Walmart (not sure about Superstore - I don't shop there!) I find it everywhere for about $5.69 a jar. A bit costly, especially for baking, but worth it! Bring on PB & Banana on toast!

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By on Tue, 02-21-06, 03:03

We used to find it in Dominion, Loblaws, Walmart, and most of the other grocery stores owned by Dominion and Loblaws (No Frills, etc.) For two weeks - we can't find it anywhere.

I gave up peanutbutter once. I don't want to give this up too.

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By exploredreamdiscover on Thu, 07-06-06, 01:49


Peabutter-Fantastic! When we first gave it to my teenage PA child he was very nervous! The texture was not his thing as he has not had anything like that before. He was also nervous that it was peanut butter as it has similarities to it... A few months later we bought another jar and my husband and I thought it was terrific - a reminder when a quick peanut butter snack was easy on the go thing. When we purchased the second jar a few months later(health food stores, Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills-all the same chain)our PA child tried it again and thought terrific-he doesn't down it but it was a terrific alternative snack. I had my immediate family purchase some and try it out -it was a complete no go as they are Peanut Butter lovers-but they all loved baking with it!! I hope this product continues to do well so it will become more widely available and at a better price point. Hope this helps!

Explore Dream Discover

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By joeybeth on Thu, 07-06-06, 05:20

i have never seen peabutter in our area (southwest missouri). i have never seen sunbutter here either (though we order it when i can force myself not to panic about the cost of s/h). wonder why nothing is sold out here yet? we must really be behind the times; which wouldn't surprise me at all. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] i would love to try peabutter. we love sunbutter creamy...it's like a dream come true for me. i love the chance to enjoy something so similar to pb without jeopradizing my girls. in fact, i think sunbutter creamy may be better than i remember pb being. i wonder about peabutter. i may have to search for some.

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By joeybeth on Thu, 07-06-06, 05:22

a couple others mentioned this as well...

one of my PA daughters is repulsed by the smell of anything that smells (or even looks) like pb while the other is not. i wonder if it's some sort of natural defense mechanism.

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By Shawnie on Wed, 08-16-06, 04:38

I bought some at Dominion Save-a-Centre about a month ago. Does anyone else find that it burns on the tongue?

I hesitated at first to buy it (based on the price) and also, odd as this sounds, I have always HATED peas so I wasn't thrilled with the idea, or the colour in the jar!

Since I still don't know if peanuts are really a problem for me it was a tough call. But on the advice of my doctor I'm cutting out all nuts to see if my suspicion is on the right track. I never eat peanut butter, but somehow it made sense to start eating peabutter...

Taste was fine, but it burns in my mouth.
I don't like smooth peanut butter anyway, has to be crunchy.

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By on Wed, 08-16-06, 13:37

Peabutter does [b]not[/b] burn in my mouth. Pea[b]nut[/b]butter tingles my tongue.

I'd like a crunchy version of peabutter.

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By Sharonagain on Fri, 10-20-06, 19:02

We bought Peabutter in Toronto at Longo's. My 14 month old loved it (he's PA) but my 4 1/2 year old, who is used to peanut butter, hated it. My older son eats Soy Nut butter instead.

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