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PA\'s in Tennessee Contact your Local Representative about Legislation being Proposed

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By Laura Duke on Wed, 02-01-06, 04:22

I need everyone's help, Please!
Representative Gary Moore with the Tennessee House of Representatives is proposing Legislation in February to make schools work with Pediatrician's and or Health Care Providers to protect children with PA's. Rep. Moore is proposing this bill because of my son, Brentson's situation with the local school system and their lack of concern regarding Brentson's near death experience at his school in September. If you will please contact your Representative and ask him to support Rep. Moore's bill that he will be proposing. Rep. Moore has said, "that the legislation has to be broad to start with." However, once we have the hook in their mouth, you snatch that line! Then we've got them! So, it may take a little while to get the law where we want it and need it to protect our children. However, it will be worth the wait.

Laura Duke

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By Gail W on Thu, 02-02-06, 16:28

I want to support this. I would be please to write to Rep. Moore. Can you provide a link to this bill?

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By CS on Thu, 02-02-06, 17:22

I, too, would like to read the bill before contacting my U.S. Representative (TN). Thanks!

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By Laura Duke on Thu, 02-02-06, 17:42

Thank you both! Representative Gary Moore's email address is:


I don't have a copy of the bill he is proposing as of yet. I'm suppose to go into his office next week and talk to him about the bill he will be proposing.

Take Care,
Laura Duke

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By Laura Duke on Sat, 02-04-06, 01:11

I would like everyone to contact Rep. Gary Moore's Office. However, I would like you to contact your local Representative's Office too. Ask them to please support the bill that Rep. Gary Moore will be proposing to help children with anaphylaxis food allergies.

Thank You,
Laura & Brentson Duke

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