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Parents in PA/NJ/NY Northeast States Please Respond Re school policy

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By SusieT-R on Sun, 01-09-05, 05:10

As many of you already know, my DD is PN/TN.
I am now working as the Food Allergy Subcommittee Co-Chair of Pennsylvania's Lower Merion School District Student Health Advisory Council and I need your help!

I have to compile as much information as I can on what is being done to protect food allergic students in different schools across our state, as well as elsewhere in the nation...offical district policies, classroom policies, school policies...

In particular I would love to hear from those of you whose children now attend schools where they have removed nuts from the cafeteria. However, all info would be very, very helpful!!!!! We are hoping that we will be able to provide recommendations for state-wide policy!!!!!


You guys are great!

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By mamagaona on Sun, 01-09-05, 17:52

Very interesting.

Would be glad to be of any help if I can.

My daughter has a 504 plan. She was the first one in our district to have one for a food related issue. She has had it about 4 years. Luckily when I was pursuing this I spoke with the 504 person in the school district I work in, so I didn't get pushed around.

I can send you a copy if you need it. Most of it is on this discussion board anyway.

We live in Monmouth County,NJ.


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By momma2boys on Mon, 01-10-05, 01:41

Susie, I am in NY. My son was the first in the district to have a 504 for p.a. Our cafeteria does not serve any p.b. What info do you need?

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By Jana R on Mon, 01-10-05, 22:36

Here's a policy at a New Jersey school:
NJ.com "Everything Jersey"
[b]'Mason's Plan' helps school protect boy from deadly allergy[/b]



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By pbnomore on Sat, 01-15-05, 02:57

I know that we are not in the area, but our son's plan involves school eliminating PB from the school menu, and the kids who choose to bring it from home are required to sit in "The Peanut Gallery", a table designated for PB. These kids follow strict handwashing procedures following lunch.

There is also a complete ban of all nuts on field trips that involve PA kids.

Just another scenario of how it can be dealt with.

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By SusieT-R on Tue, 01-18-05, 14:46

Hey! Sorry..I have had some Microsoft problems and was not able to respond.

I would LOVE to get copies of WHATEVER you have, whether it is in your 504's or other letters that were sent home to the parents that ask the PN or PN?TN not be brought in (I love the "Peanut Gallery"--! that gave me a good laugh--I'd like to stick some of the nastier parents we deal with in that category!).

If you feel better, we could remove your child's name...it is the school and /or district that is important--and letters from the principals would be a GREAT help too, if you have saved them.

Please send asap--this is FANTASTIC!!! you can respond in a thread, or email directly at [email][email protected][/email] if you feel more comfortable, or call me and I can give you a fax or postal address. Whatever works for you!

Thanks, Guys!

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By synthia on Tue, 01-18-05, 19:38


Hi,I hope you understand why?I have sent the E-mail I will let you know as soon as I get a response!

Good luck and please let us know the outcome.
If there is anything else I can do to help,please ask!!! My e-Mail is in my profile.

Love this site

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By christin28 on Wed, 01-19-05, 14:57

If anybody has a 504 plan for PA they could send me that would be great. My son has one at his school but it doesn't cover everything and just this month they made peanut butter and jelly an everyday option in the cafeteria. I've complained to the school but they reply" well, some kids aren't eating lunch.. so we have to offer it" .
I'm so emotional about the situation I'm having trouble talking to the people in charge.
I feel like if I had a good 504 plan in hand I'd have more to back me up.

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By christin28 on Wed, 01-19-05, 15:00

for the 504 plan .. please email it to
[email][email protected][/email]

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By SusieT-R on Wed, 01-19-05, 22:35

Quote:Originally posted by momma2boys:
[b]Susie, I am in NY. My son was the first in the district to have a 504 for p.a. Our cafeteria does not serve any p.b. What info do you need?[/b]

Momma2boys, thanks for your response. I would love anything you have (if it is the 504) that states that the cafeteria will no longer, or does not, serve PB. You can email directly at [email][email protected][/email] if you prefer to send it that way. I am truly grateful.

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By myliljason on Mon, 02-14-05, 22:05

Hi I just registered this afternoon. What is a 504? Is that a law only in NJ or is it national. My son is in Kindergarten in Ohio and all the parents were notified of my son's life threatening allergy to peanuts and tree nuts, yet today for Valentine's Day, parents sent in Reese's PB Cups, Kit Kat bars and numerous others. His school has not been very receptive and we are just trying to find out where we should start on protecting our son. Plus his school, still serves PB&J sandwiches everyday.

Anne K. Engle

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By Nutternomore on Tue, 03-01-05, 07:30

Quote:Originally posted by myliljason:
[b]Hi I just registered this afternoon. What is a 504? [/b]

This thread should get you started...


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