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Papa Johns Pizza

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By deeanne26 on Fri, 03-08-02, 17:11

I called Papa Johns' yesterday to find out about their new spinach/alfredo pizza and pizza products in general. The customer service rep said he wasn't sure if he could get that info for me. Anyone else have problems??? I'm really mad because Pizza Hut doesn't seem to have a problem giving out their ingredients.

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By kelly01 on Fri, 03-08-02, 17:24

Hi, I don't have any specific Papa Johns info (although we eat it fairly often...we just checked with the franchise that we go to regarding ingredients), but I wanted to make a comment about Customer Service reps. Many times this is an "entry level" type position at a company...and if you ask a question that they have not been prepped for...they have no idea what to tell you. If you don't get a satisfactory answer from the rep, ask for their supervisor and pursue it up the ladder. Don't be afraid to keep pushing the issue, sometimes you will need to in order to get an answer.

Hope you get the info you are looking for,


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By Chicago on Sat, 03-09-02, 15:31

Papa John is franchised and you will probably get the best info from the owner of the one near you. We eat it all the time, but I have not heard of the spinach alfredo one.

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By wendy12 on Sat, 03-09-02, 17:05

We eat Papa Johns quite a bit, it lists on their website they are peanut free. I still ask the manager every time we order a pizza if they use and peanut products. His reply is always no.

here is a link to the Papajohns website:


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