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Panera Bread

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By 4under5in06 on Thu, 11-30-06, 20:55

My husband and I were at Panera Bread yesterday (without our PA son), and I noticed a sign saying that if you had food allergies or sensitivities, you could ask for a complete list of ingredients.

I inquired about this, and the counter person pulled out a huge binder with nutrition information, ingredient listing, and allergy information for every item on their menu. It was a full page for each item, nice big print and easy to read. They also had, at the front of the binder, a quick reference chart for many of the common food allergies.

I eat there occasionally and don't recall seeing this information before, so hopefully it's a move in the right direction!

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By Peg541 on Thu, 11-30-06, 21:09

Our Panera makes peanut butter bagels and more. They also have free Wifi but my son can't go because of the PB.

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By josh'smom on Thu, 11-30-06, 22:47

The Panera near me also serves PB&J, but they were gloves when making it in one place where nothing else is and they change their gloves everytime. I am still nervous to take DS there so I haven't because everytime that I have been there without him there are children eating them getting it smeared everywhere. Seriously everytime!

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By Peg541 on Fri, 12-01-06, 00:17

I am not going to chance it. My son wants to go there with his laptop and write/study but he is worried about the peanuts as well so he goes to Starbucks instead.

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By McCobbre on Fri, 12-01-06, 00:54

DS had a reaction after eating some chips there (he also had a sandwich but the ingredients themselves were safe, and the we believe the issue was not cross contamination/ingestion of PB, watching the precautions they took making his sandwich).

This was 3-4 years ago, and the chips were made in peanut oil. For some reason, we didn't read the label until he had taken a few bites of chips. About 1-2 hours later he started to feel bad and finally threw up. Benadryl was effective. At that point, we weren't sure it was a reaction and not a virus. It wasn't like his previous reaction (throat swelling).

We don't really go there. He can avoid chips, of course, and they may very well have different chips there now. But he's a vegetarian, and there's not much there for him, and with the PB, I'd rather go elsewhere.

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By 3xy1PAinNH on Fri, 12-08-06, 04:05

They have had that binder for years. Nearly 3 years ago I asked about allergies and they showed it to me. THe one near us serves PB&J, and when I spoke to the manager, she said they can't guarantee anything is safe in the restaurant b/c of cross contam (they carry cookies, too, and some of the pastries have nuts).

Panera is WAY outside my comfort zone.

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By caryn on Fri, 12-08-06, 18:05

i agree -- between the big thing of PB -- and the nuts in the desserts and stuff -- (not to mention the flies on the danishes in th OPEN case -- yuck!!!)

i would not give my son anything from there - if my husband and i want a bagel we go there for a "date"

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By CorinneM1 on Fri, 12-08-06, 23:54

I agree with the rest of the posters. I too have seen the binder and they also list all of the ingredients online.

However, when my son has been there (one time only) I got him the chicken noodle soup and a bag of chips (Krunchers are not made in peanut oil any longer) I didn't want him eating any bakery or bread items. It was out of my comfort zone.

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By death2peanuts on Sat, 12-09-06, 22:41

Thats great that they have a list there with all ingredients, i cant wait to see it next time i go. For an extra 50 cents or so you can substitute the chips out for some fresh fruit. But i do only eat there when i have to.

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By MimiM on Tue, 12-12-06, 19:38

I once ordered a greek salad at Panera and found a slivered almond in it. I am not allergic to nuts but my son is and I would never even dream of letting him eat anything from there. It's always a zoo in there with servers rushing around to fill orders. It's not suprising that foods would be crosscontaminated with other items.
Be careful.

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By momll70 on Tue, 12-12-06, 21:10

I wouldn't eat anything from there because me and my son are both PA and TNA. Too risky for my comfort zone.

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By pgrubbs on Wed, 12-13-06, 02:40

My SIL worked there and said "no...never." She said it is the ultimate in not safe.

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