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Palm oil

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By carpediem on Mon, 10-29-07, 21:32

My son's teacher asked about palm oil today and I told her it was safe. I always assumed it was; does anyone know any different? I looked it up and it seems like it is from the "fruit" of the palm tree. Palm kernal oil is from the seed of the fruit. I am not sure if this is correct...it was on Wikepedia and it said it need to be edited for accuracy. There is a date palm as well, or is it the same thing? My son has eated things with Palm oil in it and no problems. Is this ok?

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By pfmom2 on Thu, 11-01-07, 08:39

My children have also eaten it without problems. I don't remember if I looked into it when I first found out about PA.

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By maphiemom on Fri, 11-02-07, 22:34

Palm oil has proven fine, nut it is not a nut.
I only became aware of Shea oil, now that I stay away from , just in case as I am not willing for my child to try and see if she reacts.

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