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Palm Oil

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By CalliesMom on Wed, 10-24-01, 00:57

I just did a search on this and couldn't find an answer, so I wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about whether palm oil is safe for a peanut/tn allergic individual. I understand it comes from the fruit, where as palm kernal oil comes from the nut, but I still question its safety. Anything with the word nut scares me...I don't know if my daughter is allergic to coconut, but I don't want to give her any to find out. Thanks!

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By JasonAndJoeysMom on Wed, 10-24-01, 07:48

Jason is allergic to peanut and treenuts, but has no problems with palm oil.

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By river on Wed, 10-24-01, 12:47

My son is allergic to nuts and peanuts, and frequently eats foods containing palm and coconut oils.

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By torontosue on Wed, 10-24-01, 13:44

I got this out of my food encyclopaedia:

Coconut has been called the most useful tree in the world. Rope, soap, wine, textiles, baskets, cups and bowls, medicines and boat building materials -- all are byproducts of the versatile coconut palm. The fruit of the coconut tree is equally versatile, producing a wide range of cooking ingredients. The brown hairy coconuts sold in Western stores are not what you would see growing on a tree. The coconut "nut", the item we most commonly see, is actually a drupe, which is a fruit with a hard stone. Peaches and cherries are also drupes. One must go through several layers to reach the fruit. The coconut palm is believed to have originated in Malaysia and now grows throughout the Pacific Rim, India, the Caribbean, parts of Africa and South America.

By the way, my PA/TNA son eats coconut with no problem at all. I suppose I might worry if he was also allergic to cherries or peaches though after reading this.

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