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PA suffer found also to be allergic to Vanilla

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By dhall on Mon, 06-07-04, 04:36

Three years ago we found out my son is allergic to peanuts and walnuts. Recently I had him retested for those as well as other nuts and found he is allergic to all nuts he was tested for. They are Peanuts, Walnuts, Almonds,Pecans, Hazlenuts, and Cashews. He carries epipen for anaphylactic reactions. He is 5 years old. My question is this. His doctor also tested him for Vanilla and he tested positive. Why did his doctor test him for vanilla? Is vanilla also a legume as are peanuts? Is anyone familiar with a nut allergy suffer that is also allergic to vanilla? And do you know anything about what vanillas to avoid, such as real vanilla vs. artificial vanilla? Any immediate help on this would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Samuel's Mom

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By NutlessinNJ on Mon, 06-07-04, 12:37


My son is allergic to tree nuts and peanuts as well as soy and sesame but we have never had any problem with vanilla. My suggestion would be to ask your allergist if the imitation vanilla is ok. I dont beleive Max was tested for vanilla but I use it to bake all the time and no reaction.


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By dhall on Tue, 06-08-04, 01:25

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By dhall on Tue, 06-08-04, 01:30

Thank you NutlessinNJ. I am wondering if vanilla is the same family or similar to nuts. I did not know his doctor was going to test him for vanilla. I have left 2 messages with him asking this same question but no response yet. There may be more nut allergy sufferers that are allergic to vanilla but not aware. They said he is mildly allergic to vanilla, but with each exposure, like nuts, it will become worse. If I find anything out, I will definitely post it. Thanks again.

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By NutlessinNJ on Tue, 06-08-04, 02:04

Let me know what you find out. Vanilla is a bean which could technically be a legume which would make sense if there is a sensitivity to peanuts..since a peanut is a legume and so are many beans. Its all so complicated sometimes!!!! Be well


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By on Tue, 06-08-04, 02:50

I don't recall ever hearing of a connection between peanuts and vanilla.

However, since your son has tested positive, I would suggest you don't use artificial vanilla until you are sure it is safe. Quite often artificial flavours [b]do[/b] include the actual thing as an ingredient. (I hope I'm making sense here - it's late.)

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By researching mom on Thu, 06-10-04, 18:35

Here is some information I found at [url="http://www.innvista.com/health/foods/spices/vanilla.htm"]http://www.innvista.com/health/foods/spices/vanilla.htm[/url] about vanilla .
Vanilla bean
(Vanilla planifolia -- Family Orchidaceae)
Although called a bean, the vanilla pod is not a legume, but rather a fruit of a climbing plant from the Orchid family.

I could not find anything about vanilla allergy but found this old study showing it may aggravate eczema.I don't know if this is an issue with your child.I do know that the allergist had given us a list of things to avoid with eczema and spices was listed as well as tomatoes and citrus fruits. I would ask him why he tested for it and let us know.

Allergy and intolerance to flavouring agents in atopic dermatitis in young children.

Kanny G, Hatahet R, Moneret-Vautrin DA, Kohler C, Bellut A.

Allerg Immunol (Paris). 1994 Jun;26(6):204-6, 209-10.

The role of flavouring was studied in eleven children under five years of age suffering from severe atopic dermatitis. In all cases, the dietary questionnaire showed the high daily intake of natural vanilla, vanillin, natural and artificial flavouring. Double-blind oral provocation tests were carried out with balsam of Peru (225 mg), natural vanilla (50 mg), artificial vanillin (12.5 mg). Nine children out of eleven presented eczematous reactions, one a Quincke's oedema. Two challenges remained negative. The eviction of food flavouring agents brought about a clear improvement in six children. The authors point out the risk of increasing consumption of flavouring agents, and bring into question the traditional attitude of considering food flavouring agents as innocuous.

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By dmbb on Fri, 06-11-04, 01:53

I met someone briefly who was PA and also allergic to all seeds including vanilla.

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By darthcleo on Fri, 06-11-04, 02:38

I once checked the ingredients for artificial vanilla and the real thing wasn't in it at all...

But this may vary from brand to brand.

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