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PA-safe Agave Syrup - A Honey Alternative

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By andromeda on Fri, 09-23-05, 03:57

Thought I'd share this response I got recently from Madhava Honey regarding their Agave Nectar, which I find to be a very tasty sweet syrup that I like to douse over my oatmeal and cereal. (I found it at Whole Foods.) Their response was quick and friendly:

Thanks for your inquiry, I appreciate your interest in our organic agave nectar. I understand your concern, my daughter also has severe nut allergies. And, I can assure you that there is no chance of cross contamination with any peanut products. We have none here at our facility, plus, our agave system is dedicated to agave use only, no other foods of any kind are used with the
system. So, I hope you try and enjoy the agave. I do think you will find it a great
tasting, versatile sweetener.
Best regards,
[Madhava Honey]

I didn't ask about their honey; please verify for yourselves before you try it or the agave. I just wanted to post this company's product as an option to research if you're interested in a honey alternative. (I'm not honey allergic; just trying to vary my sweetener options.) I used the contact form on their website:


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