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PA . . . NOT--got test results back. Am not believing it.

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By McCobbre on Mon, 01-02-06, 21:35

I had an ImmunoCap test done before Christmas because I suspected a shellfish allergy, but peanut was included. I was very happy about this because I had only had a scratch test done about 4 years ago for peanut and I was a 1 (I thought I was a 2 and may have mentioned that here but having looked recently, I was a 1). Considering several reactions over the past few months--including one to a may contain Lindt chocolate bar (no blatant nuts) this past Saturday--I truly thought that my PA was getting worse. I fully expected my ige number to reflect that.

I've been pretty descriptive on this board about reactions--99% limited to GI.

So I was shocked today when my doctor called me and he told me that I was negative to peanuts. Negative.

Utterly shocked.

He's sending me the results, and I look forward to that, but he was clear about this. We talked about it for a bit today. I told him again about some of the reactions (and we'd talked a few weeks ago, which is why he included a nut panel).

I did turn out to be a Class 3 for shrimp and Class 2 for crab and lobster. I'll truly miss shrimp. I'm completely surprised to learn I'm a Class 2 for Sesame.
And I don't actually believe that, to tell you the truth. I don't react to it. I enjoy hummus. I enjoy multi grain bread on a regular basis.

I think the lab screwed up and mixed up my peanut and sesame numbers.

That has to be it. I can tell you at least 8 specific times I've had reactions to peanut in addition to others that I can't specifically remember. And 0 times I've reacted to sesame.

Okay--about half an hour ago I poked my finger in the jar of sesame seeds in the pantry and ingested some. I've got benadyl and an epi at the ready. But I don't believe I'm allergic to sesame seeds. I just don't.

Did I have "sympathetic PA" or a "sympathetic sensativity" because of DS? Hmmm. I don't think so. I remember being sick most of the night on a business trip to LA after eating PBJ. And being sick after eating Thai food that I loved when I knew I wasn't going to see DS.

And there have been just too many times I've had something and have reacted. Like a couple of months ago at work when I had pecans and had a reaction and had to leave to buy benadryl. They had to be xcontaminated. I don't react to the "safe" pecans we have at home.


Well, I had to share the news here.

You assume one thing and it turns out not to be the case.

Or the lab screwed up. I'm still going on that assumption.

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By ajgauthier on Mon, 01-02-06, 22:33

I'm the same with sesame allergy, I'm a class II but I've never ever had a reaction...in large doses I've had sesame chicken and sesame bagels. Nothing. I also pushed a Class III for peas...which makes sense b/c of my peanut score (Class V). But, I love peas, pea pods, snow peas and have never ever had a reaction.

My allergist told me that sometimes the Class # doesn't really indicate how severe of a reaction one will have. I'm a Class III for shrimp, and from cross-contam. I've been sick in the bathroom to the point I though I had food poisoning. Then, nada for peas or sesame.

Yay! on the peanut allergy though! Are you going to try a challenge? You might be onto something with the psychosomatic/empathetic reaction though...how about you try a blind challenge?

see here:



30-year old survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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By McCobbre on Mon, 01-02-06, 23:19

Thanks Adrienne. So do you avoid sesame now?

I have not reacted a bit and DH roasted some sesame seeds, and I've eaten about 2 tbs of them and nothing. Not even a sniffle.

Edited to add--No I did not do this; it would be foolish: Yes, I am planning on doing a peanut challenge--but on my own on a day when I know DH will be home in the evening with DS and I can do a thorough cleansing before seeing DS (involves lots of toothbrushing--throwing away the toothbrush--listerine--lipbrushing, etc.).

I don't know how to do a blind PB challenge. I know what peanuts taste like. I can tell sunbutter from peanutbutter.

If I don't react from the sesame seeds and I do react from the PB--when I'm kind of expecting not to at this point--then I'll ask for a retest of a peanut panel only. But first I'll ask my doctor to talk to the lab to see if they've had anyone else report a suspected screw up.

Anyone had the lab mess up? Goodness--then what else could they have messed up?

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By Going Nuts on Tue, 01-03-06, 01:01

In terms of the PA, if I remember properly your symptoms are primarily GI, yes? Then perhaps it's not an IgE mediated allergy. I don't know for sure, but I don't think scratch or RAST tests measure non-IgE reactions.

There is another type of reaction who's name I can't recall that primarily affects the gut. Perhaps that's it?

Good luck,


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By momma2boys on Tue, 01-03-06, 03:30

Sorry to hear about your new allergies. I wouldn't be happy about the shrimp either!

I don't know if the lab messed up or not, but it is possible to have false positives and negatives.

You are making me kind of nervous doing a peanut challenge at home though. I'm sure you could do it at the doctor's if not the hospital. Please be careful!

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By rebekahc on Tue, 01-03-06, 03:57

I think it may be IgG mediated reactions that are primarily gut - might be worth some research...


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By ajgauthier on Tue, 01-03-06, 04:54

Quote:Originally posted by McCobbre:
[b]Thanks Adrienne. So do you avoid sesame now?

I have not reacted a bit and DH roasted some sesame seeds, and I've eaten about 2 tbs of them and nothing. Not even a sniffle.


nope - I don't avoid sesame, or peas. My allergist said that if I haven't been having the remotest reaction, then not to worry about it, but to keep an eye out if I do start to feel sick after eating them.

That being said, I probably won't be having any more sesame laden items (like sesame bagels or sesame chicken) or use sesame oil in cooking anymore. I'd hate for it to get worse.

I think I'm going to go in for a skin prick test, since as someone else pointed out in the other thread, that the IgE and skin prick can each catch different aspects of an allergy.

30-year old survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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By McCobbre on Tue, 01-03-06, 04:59

Thanks y'all. From what I've read, IgG mediated reactions typically are gut--which mine are (with the exception of the reaction that I think was a xcontam from pecan bread). But if I've read correctly, they're also typically delayed a few hours to a few days. Lately my peanut reactions have been after a 20-30 minutes.

If I remember what my doctor said, he suggested that what I have may be an intolerance and what the ImmunoCap results really tell us is whether I can expect to have an anaphylactic reaction or not. He said based on the results, I shouldn't. And he assumes that I'm going to avoid peanuts anyway because of DS. And he's right, of course.

It's just that Saturday's reaction scared me. And if I thought I had to be more careful in what **I** order when I go out to eat, then I would, you know?

All the reactions that I think have been PA related have been GI and quick--getting rid of things quick. But this past Saturday's, and that one was like my shellfish reactions (which I know are real--found out I'm Class 3 on shrimp). It felt like that. And I had to keep medicating like I do with shellfish. Maybe it wasn't the "may contain" Lindt chocolate. But I don't know what else it would have been.

Momma2boys--point taken. I'll talk with my doctor about it.

Okay--enough navel gazing. Thanks. This has been just too much of a day. Being told I'm not PA. And getting the confirmation I am shellfish allergic. It was just a bit much--and I've been all over the board with it, I know. I've known inside I was shellfish allergic (SFA???) and reacted to Xcontaminated fries a few weeks ago. But then to realize finally that you can never ever have a certain food again. Never. And that you aren't PA when you really, really think you are (and not having PB didn't bother me, but shrimp . . . .). It just seemed a bit much.

So---time to head on over to the island I think . . . . [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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