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PA dr. in St. Louis

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By molasses on Mon, 11-06-06, 20:50

Anyone love their allergist in St. Louis. My dd is a newly disgnosed 2 year old. I got a name from my pediatrician, but of course, first appointment in the end of december. Any names would be appreciated. Thanks

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By 2bsafe on Fri, 11-17-06, 14:21

My 2yr old saw Laura Esswein in St Louis. Was diagnosed in one visit, something our peds doc liked about her. Not real personable, but, efficient.

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By mjfavazza on Sat, 11-18-06, 03:02

DD who is PA/TNA and allergic to eggs with several environmental allergies goes to Lisa Suffian at Allergy Consultants. The office we go to is in Creve Coeur (phone is 314.569.1881) but they have several offices throughout the area.

She is great and very personable. She is cautious but not alarming when talking about DD's food allergies and treatment. Plus, she has gotten DD's environmental allergies under control with meds.

Her office staff is attentive and professional.

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By Adele on Sat, 11-18-06, 13:59

I have a friend who just moved to the St. Louis area. Her 4 year old son is PA.

The following doctor was recommended to her by her allergist at Children's Hospital in VA. They've made an appointment but haven't seen him yet as you have to make the appointment months in advance.

Bradley Becker, St Louis Univ School of Med 314-268-4014

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By Gail W on Sat, 11-18-06, 18:42

We adore our allergist, Robert Strunk at St. Louis Children's Hospital. You can go here: [url="http://www.stlouischildrens.org/findadoctor/tabid/28/Default.aspx"]http://www.stlouischildrens.org/findadoctor/tabid/28/Default.aspx[/url] and put in his name for his profile. It says he isn't accepting patients, but you can always ask to be placed on his wait list. He's absolutely wonderful!

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By lauramacf on Sat, 03-10-07, 04:53

Dr. Gary Goodman is our allergist, we see him at his Chesterfield office, and he is a wonderful caring man, we've had nothing but great experiences with him. His name says it all, he is a Good Man. I've had some bad experiences with other allergists in the area, but I won't badmouth them online, but finding Dr. Goodman was a real relief for us after several bad experiences. My daughter has multiple life threatening food allergies, and both my dd and ds have EAs and asthma.

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By mvendt on Fri, 10-16-09, 04:37

Our daughter is 17 months old...we got into the allergist our pediatrician recommended very quickly (within 2 weeks, and I was being a little picky on times!)...Dr. Ruiz--she recommended anyone in his group Sabio and one other are the names. I had a good experience with him....but I also don't have much of a baseline. He was kind and tried to be helpful--but I did have all 3 kids with me, something I will never do again when seeing him or any other allergist...just takes too long for 3 kids 4 and under..noones fault of course, other than mine! All the office staff were very nice. Sorry I don't have the number handy, but you can look it up easily! They have an office in Lake St. Louis and Kirkwood

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