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PA Death in Texas

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By PrestonsMom on Tue, 08-09-05, 13:33

Fort Worth Star Telegram, August 9, 2005

GRAPEVINE -- A 23-year-old man died Friday afternoon after possibly consuming
peanut oil at a local restaurant, police said. Matthew Deluce of Toronto was
eating lunch at Big Buck Brewery when he began to have an allergic reaction,
police said. Deluce was assured by restaurant staff that his order would not
contain any trace of peanuts, his companions told police. Deluce was taken to
Baylor Medical Center, where he died just after 3:30 p.m. Employees of the
restaurant were not aware that Deluce had a reaction, said Mark S. Provenzano,
president and chief executive of the restaurant chain, which is based in
Michigan. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family," Provenzano said. "We
are conducting an internal investigation." Provenzano said the restaurant is
not aware of any similar food allergy reactions and that few items on the menu
contain traces of peanuts. "We will leave no stone unturned until we find out
what happened," he said.

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By Jana R on Tue, 08-09-05, 15:28

I am so sad to read these stories. Please keep us updated if you learn anything else.



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By HookwormIsHope on Mon, 05-09-11, 21:23

:( This is awful. RIP.

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