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outback steakhouse

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By srujed on Thu, 02-05-04, 03:06

Hi! I'm fairly new to the board so I'm not sure if anyone has posted about the outback before...I was just wondering if people had good or bad experiences here? I emailed the company and they replied saying they did not cook with peanut products or oils except for one of their salads which is only served at the stores that serve lunch which I guess there aren't many of. They did say the have pecans and almonds in some salads and desserts. My ds is one so we are new to trying to find "safe" resteraunts for him. Just wondering what people out there thought...thanks so much!

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By e-mom on Thu, 02-05-04, 04:17

We live in Illinois and have eaten at Outback Steakhouse numerous times. My son has never had a reaction of any kind.

Hope this helps.

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By srujed on Thu, 02-05-04, 18:09

Thanks for your reply e-mom, it is helpful!

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By SaraO on Thu, 02-05-04, 23:56

We always ask when we go out to eat, but have eaten at several Outback's in differnet location throughout the Mid West and South with no problems.

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By Going Nuts on Fri, 02-06-04, 01:11

Interesting, because a few years ago when I checked with our local Outback, they told me they used peanut oil for [b]everything[/b]. Are they all the same, or can they change ingredients at their own discretion?

I just love getting these inconsistent responses. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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By srujed on Fri, 02-06-04, 02:14

When I emailed I emailed from the company website, not just my specific location and I did not mention my area in the email. So I'm guessing it would apply to all outbacks??? I will still always ask when I go to a specific one though. Maybe they have changed their product? Who knows, it is scary to get inconsistent anwers though. Thanks for your replies!

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By Scrippsie on Fri, 02-06-04, 06:52

I'm so shocked!! It seems like every time I check this thread one of my favorite restaurants is on it for saying that they use peanut oil. Chili's, the Olive Garden, now the Outback...personally I have been eating at these restaurants in different locations all over the country for several years and I've never encountered a problem. I wonder if these peanut oil restaurants are in the same area? The only time I can remember ever having to leave a restaurant due to peanut oil (and believe me, we ALWAYS ask) was in Maryland. Or possibly Virginia, I can't quite recall. But it wasn't a chain or a franchise, just some upscale hotel restaurant. I don't understand these reports of random locations of national restaurants using peanut oil inexplicably. Why....???

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By SaraO on Fri, 02-06-04, 19:08

I have always asked to speak to a manager when I go in to see what oils they use to cook with. Many of those times the manager has gone to the kitchen and come back with the answer - never being peanut oil. I don't know if there are different owners? I have always felt comfortable with their efforts to check.

I will say never trust a hostess to answer the question. I made the mistake of one time asking the hostess what oil they used to cook in and she looked at me seriously and said. "Its solid and white." Thanks, but that isn't what I was looking for! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]???

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By smack on Tue, 02-10-04, 14:05

I'm in Ontario,Canada and we eat at the Outback often. My son whom is only allergic to peanut eats the bread, caesar salad(croutons), chicken fingers or buddies with fries. They also serve the Chapman's peanut free vanilla ice-cream which is such a plus for him to be able to eat when at a restaurant.

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By Blair on Wed, 02-11-04, 03:42

My DS loves the steak and fries. We've eaten there in Maryland. He's allergic to egg, Peanut, tree nuts, shellfish and sesame seeds. Staff been very helpful and aware- once our waitress mentioned she's PA too. manager informed so he can double check the process for extra safety esp if very busy time inthe kitchen. We try not to go at that time.

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By Kathy L. on Mon, 09-27-04, 02:25

We went to Outback last night. The manager told us the "Vegetable butter" , which they put on the steamed vegetables, has peanut product in it. I took that to mean "may contain." Apparently it is special butter, because my mother ordered steamed vegetables without the vegetable butter and they had to make a separate order.

Other than that, there were a few items with pecans and almonds. My pa dd had a hamburger & fries, plus the cinnamon applies. No dessert.

But, here's what's on their web site:

General Guidelines for Allergies

Peanuts and Nuts

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By MimiM on Mon, 09-27-04, 13:52

Hey Blair,
Do you have any concerns about the fries if your son has a seafood allergy? Do they fry their seafood separately from the fries? I'm just curious.

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By Joesmom on Mon, 09-27-04, 17:50

We go to Outback all the time, and have had wondeful, caring waitstaff everytime.

I was told on one (only one) occasion that they do use the same oil to fry the fries in, which they may have fried a fish breaded with a nut-type (pecan, almond) crust.

Since then I have never seen a fish advertised like this, and I have been told by other managers that the fries are safe for PA's.

I still usually order the mac n cheese to be safe.


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By Heather2 on Mon, 09-27-04, 19:35

My best friend had a reaction to fish at the Outback Steak House.

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By luisa on Sat, 10-01-05, 21:00

We sometimes go to Outback, my PA son likes only the Mac-A-Roo & Cheese.

I just went to their website and in the FAQs it says that they do not use peanut ingredients. Right below it says "order the bonzer salad without the peanut sauce."

I am confused... Any thoughts?



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By MimiM on Thu, 10-13-05, 20:20

If you read it very carefully, they do not say that they do not have any peanut ingredients. They say that they do not have any peanuts or peanut oils but they do have a peanut sauce.

FYI: Check with your local restaurant though. Ours doesn't even list the Bonzer salad on the menu.

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By erik on Thu, 10-13-05, 21:18

Quote:Originally posted by Scrippsie:
[b]I'm so shocked!! It seems like every time I check this thread one of my favorite restaurants is on it for saying that they use peanut oil. Chili's, the Olive Garden, now the Outback...personally I have been eating at these restaurants in different locations all over the country for several years and I've never encountered a problem.[/b]

I've eaten at Chili's, The Olive Garden, and Outback many times as well [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] I've never had any problems at all.

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By luisa on Thu, 10-13-05, 22:12

MimiM, you are right, I could swear I read the word ingredient there but I was mistaken... I am sorry if I got anybody else confused too.

We have never had problems either at Outback or Chilis, but my son only eats Mac&Cheese when we go out... It's his thing...


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By Sandy1 on Mon, 10-17-05, 15:52

Just called Outback H.O. in Ontario. He said the Bonzer Salad and the Q salad contain almonds.

They do not have any "peanuts" but stay away from the desserts because they may contain.

He said that they have many calls from p.a. people,and there has never been a situation. He said to tell the server and she will take all the necessary precautions.

I will try it tonight (that's if my son wants his birthday dinner there.)

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By Lori Anne on Mon, 10-17-05, 17:32

We love, love, love Outback Steakhouse! We are in the U.S.

I've found the one near us has always been very careful re: peanut and tree nut allergies.

We just don't let dd have salad or dessert because they have some salads and desserts with nuts.

They seem very allergy aware at this place.

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By McCobbre on Thu, 10-20-05, 14:00

Yesterday I was at a meeting at work, and I ran into a VP for the parent company of Outback. I was able to talk with him about food allergy concerns, especially peanut allergies. I conveyed that it seemed that generally people on our board reported awareness among the staff at the restaurant.

He said that they have made a concious effort to become more aware and have discussed the seriousness of peanut allergy it at meetings. He was also rather proud of the fact that all but one of their offerings are gluten free. Their company owns a line of Asian restaurants that most likely none of us will go to, but it's nice to know that they are MSG free, as well. I have a sensitivity to that.

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By pixiegirl on Thu, 10-20-05, 23:26

Just so you know, Outback has a gluten free menu and many of their items are gluten free but its not all items but one... there are more then one that are breaded and can't be eaten by people avoiding gluten. (I know I have Celiac disease and can't ever eat any gluten).

At any rate they have their gluten free menu online and all the restaurants owned by this company have gluten free menus.


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By Sandy1 on Sun, 10-23-05, 13:50

We ended up going to Mr. Sub. My son didn't want to go to the Outback for his birthday. I will try it someday. I think he is still a little worried about the salads.

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By Momma Kitty on Fri, 12-30-05, 06:24

My PA child has eaten at numerous Outback

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By Sandy1 on Thu, 01-26-06, 12:56

We finally went to the Outback Restaurant. We had no problems whatsoever.
The waitress was wonderful. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

We did stay clear of all desserts though. No peanuts, but they had almonds.

[This message has been edited by Sandy1 (edited January 26, 2006).]

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By robinlp on Thu, 01-26-06, 16:20

Outback is one of our regular safe spots. DS eats here often and has never had any issues. We do always avoid desserts at restaurants anyway.

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By jhelliott on Wed, 03-09-11, 07:55

AS an Outback Manager I can let those will allergy concerns rest assured that Outback does not use Penut oil to fry ANY products. We use a sesame seed oil to sear our Ahi tuna, and we have roasted almonds, and candied pecans on select salads and desserts, but that is all. We always encourage guests with special allergy related needs to involve a manager with their orders so that these items can be delivered with complete confidence! Come on in and see us!

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By warriormom7 on Sat, 04-02-11, 00:47

so the vegetables contain a peanut product? the website doesn't mention this. and that's what i referred to to see if we were safe. also, does anybody know what their status is with sesame oil or sesame seeds?

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By caking1965 on Sun, 06-05-11, 01:26

My 17 yr old son and myself are both peanut and tree nut allergic. We ate at our local Outback the night of his high school graduation. We simply spoke th the manager and our server who took very good care of us.

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By 2greyhound on Sun, 09-04-11, 21:59

My epileptic son has many severe food allergies, peanuts is just one of them. We only eat at Outback, Bedford NH, they are wonderful and very accomadating.

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