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Outback Steakhouse

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By Jonathan's Mom on Sun, 10-14-01, 03:15

We went to Outback Steakhouse last week. We haven't eaten there since the discovery of my son's PA. We explained my son's allergy and inquired about peanut and peanut product use, especially emphasizing the oil the fries are fried in. Our waited came back and explained that the fries were safe, and said that the only thing the chef said my son could not eat were the VEGETABLES. The chef said the vegetables were stir fried in peanut oil.

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By SF on Tue, 10-16-01, 01:30

Just the fact that they use peanut oil at all in the restaurant would make me nervous!! Sounds like a major chance of cross contamination here! Stay Safe!

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By doreen on Tue, 10-16-01, 01:56

Yikes you never know do you? Well, we've been there numerous times without incident, and I don't remember the responses now because it's probably been a year, but we went in with my daughter so we must have been comfortable. Maybe it's different in different regions. We're in New York.

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By deeanne26 on Wed, 10-17-01, 14:49

I didn't know they used peanut oil at all. I took my peanut/dairy/egg allergic daughter there with no problems. I talked with the manager before we went to the restaurant. Sorry to hear they use peanut oil. The only thing my daughter couldn't eat was the veggies too.

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By m d keith on Sat, 11-03-01, 16:25

Did you ask what type of peanut oil? Peanut allergic people can have peanut oil if it has been processed through heat which changes the peanut protein composition. However, they cannot have peanut oil that is cold compressed, extruded, or expelled which are expensive. Please be sure to read The Peanut Allergy Handbook.

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By kelly01 on Sat, 11-03-01, 19:26

Please don't assume that just because a particular Outback Steakhouse uses peanut oil that they all do. Supplies, etc might vary regionally. Check with your local one...but thanks for the heads up, as we will be especially careful knowing that it is a definate possibility.

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By smack on Sat, 11-17-01, 19:04

In London, Ontario, Canada the Outback just has one item that is deep-fryed in Peanut Oil and thats the coconut shrimp. They only use that oil for that dish so I felt secure. I wouldn't trust eating the veggies even if the peanut oil was said to be processed through heat. What if there mistaken?

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