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other names for peanut

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By teddi99 on Fri, 08-31-07, 02:02

after reading this board I noticed some other names for peanuts like arachis oil & something else strange I can't even begin to remember (which makes sence because peanut in French is arachide I think).

Are there names I need to look out for or info to pass along to educate others?

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By Lori Anne on Fri, 08-31-07, 03:26

There is a list from FAAN (food allergy and anaphylaxis network...they can be found at [url="http://www.foodallergy.org)"]www.foodallergy.org)[/url]

This is a list of things to avoid:


Scroll down until you find peanut.

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By VariegatedRB on Fri, 08-31-07, 13:11

Keep in mind, for foods made & sold in the US, the regs require that anything with peanut clearly state "peanut" now. They cannot even hide it in things like "natural ingredients" and "spices."

though I would still be cautious of foods bought in discount stores or from certain countries...

And you may find these in non-food items (cosmetics, etc) since they are not covered by the labeling law.

Tara P

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By Greenlady on Fri, 08-31-07, 14:53

[b]They cannot even hide it in things like "natural ingredients" and "spices." [/b]

The one exception to this is highly refined peanut oil. That is exempt from the labeling laws. However, most people with peanut allergies can eat refined peanut oil with no problem. But if you are having "mystery reactions" that's one place to look.

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By Moni on Sat, 09-01-07, 04:31

I carry a list with me of funny names for peanut that may be on labels. Here are the ones I have on my list aside from Arachis Oil.
Loramine Wax
Peanutamide (obviously)
Prometrium (hormone replacement)
Food Additive 322 Lecithins


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By teddi99 on Sun, 09-02-07, 20:03

excellent. Thank you.

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By Cedar on Fri, 09-28-07, 23:53

Wow - Loramine wax - thank you so much for mentioning this - I am always concerned about what to buy by way of lipstick - this helps tremendously.

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