Hickory Hollow Jerky, LLC, a Eufaula, Ala. establishment, is recalling approximately 1,800 pounds of flavored beef jerky products because of misbranding and an undeclared allergen. The products...
Does anybody know of any cookbooks that have recipes for food allergies of all kinds? I'm helping my friend make dinner for her family and they have a whole variety of different food allergies. Any...
Hey everyone! So I thought I would post here and hopefully I'll get some answers. I've been allergy free my whole life. That's 20 years. But for the past about, 4 years I've been experiencing...
My 6-year-old has eaten nuts of all types for years. Never had a rash or anything. She was recently eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when she started to complain of her throat hurting and...
Does anyone have a tree nut allergy without a peanut allergy? Are you still able to eat peanut butter, or do you tend to avoid all nut products?
I'm eager to start the gaps diet in hopes to reverse my PA/TNA allergy (along with many other hidden ones) that I got within the last year. It calls for a grain free diet, so many of the recipes use...
My family has what we jokingly call the "-our last name- Choke", because every time we eat a family meal, someone has a choking fit. My mom and I have recently discovered that the choking almost...
Whenever I eat onions, I experience severe heartburn shortly afterward. Is this an allergy or an intolerance? Is it possible for me to change this reaction so that I can eat onions again some day?
Which makes more sense as an allergen elimination diet? 1. Eliminate all suspected food for 4 days, all allergens out of the system, then introduce food #1, note symptoms. Continue to eliminate all...
Allergy reaction? What are some allergy sighns? I am wodering because i ben having other allergies reactions.
My 8yo ds has lived with allergies all his life - had his first anaphylactic reaction at 6 months old to the dairy based formula in the infant cereal we gave him. He's outgrown many of the allergies...
My insurance is major medical only, so I can't afford to take my kids to an allergist. Under suspicion that my younger son may be allergic to eggs, I ordered a test through Prepaidlab.com and took...
My ds (age 7) seems to be getting hit pretty hard with seasonal allergies this year (he's allergic to birch). Reactine was recommended by his allergist and seems to be controlling symptoms of runny...
Anyone out there dealing with soy? My friend's son was just diagnosed and I'm trying to help her find some safe products for her son to eat, as well as places to shop. Any advice? Thanks!
My three year old is allergic to alot of things, but soy is the hardest for me to deal with! Everything from spices to sauces to prepackaged food all has soy. Anyone dealing with a soy allergy? How...
I am a long time suffer of coconut allergy and now have started to develop palm oil and some carnuba waxes. For anyone who is wondering I have found a soap that is amazing it is made by the Kiss my...
Yeah! I'm sure there are others looking for good Wheat/Gluten free items that are also nut free. In June Kinnikinnick stopped handling tree nuts (and never handled peanuts) so they are a good...
We recently found out that our six year old PA/TNA son is also borderline allergic to wheat, oats and strawberries. We were told to avoid these for a month to see if it helps him with his itchiness...
hi i just wanted people to be aware of kiwi fruit allergys which seem to becoming more common in the uk. i am a childminder in the uk and one of my children is sereously allergic to kiwi which we...
My DS is almost 2 and he just got diagnosed with peanut and sesame allergies. So far we've had no experiences with peanuts but he had a terrible reaction to hummus which is what sent us to the...

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