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since we are so new to this, I wanted to ask your advise on cross contamination. How much of a concern should this be for a baby whose rast score...
I was wondering if anyone's child also suffers from asthma. My Sean has egg/peanut anaphylaxis and also seems to suffer from severe bouts of asthma...
FAN has a new booklet called "A College Guide for the Student with Food Allergies--It's not all Pizza and Ice Cream." Here is a direct link to the...
I'm looking for anyone who has had or their children have had reactions from kissing, hugging etc... someone who had peanut products before the...
Lupin is more and more used for replacement of soya (because of GMO)in Holland. Lupin is also a pulse (family of peanut) and I have had quite strong...
Hi everybody. Just thought I'd share some info on Easter candy that is safe. There is a company in PA called "Just Born Quality Confections" (800)...
I'm working as a volunteer for the Dutch patientorganisation of people who suffer to food allergy as labelling-expert. In Holland we have a national...
Hi everybody! I just discovered this board. Just last week my son (who just turned 2) had a reaction to peanut butter. I have never heard of the...
Just finished an email to the editor of Parents Magazine in hopes of educating them as to the difference of peanut and tree nut allergies. The...
Someone e mailed us>>> Need information about educating people in the workplace about peanut allergies. >>> I will inform them that...

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