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One red ear--reaction?

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By BENSMOM on Fri, 12-15-00, 02:44

My 5-yr-old PA son had one red, hot ear tonight. He gets this sometimes in the summer when he's been bitten by a mosquito, but there are no bugs around now, and I didn't see a bump. I'm concerned because we were at a friend's house for dinner and he had a little shrimp. I'm not even sure if he ate any of it, or if he just had a little of the sauce it was cooked in. I don't like seafood so we never have it at home. Has anyone seen a reaction where one ear just turns red and hot? Any other ideas of what it could be? I just gave him benadryl and will check on him soon.

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By kimm on Fri, 12-15-00, 06:39

red ears are the first clue to a reaction in my 3 year old

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By carrie on Fri, 12-15-00, 12:45

My 5 year old son sometimes gets one or both ears red, usually when he is tired. Strange, huh?

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By Kathryn on Fri, 12-15-00, 16:24

My son and husband both occasionally get red hot ears, one or both and there is usually no cause that is allergy related. Sometimes when they are ill or tired but not because of a reaction.

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By BENSMOM on Fri, 12-15-00, 19:56

Thanks everyone. I gave him some benadryl and checked him a 1/2 hour later and his ear was still hot and a bit red. So, since it didn't respond to benadryl, I'm thinking it was not an allergic reaction.

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By Helen on Fri, 12-15-00, 21:45

Just this week, my son also had hot, red ears. The Pediatric nurse said it might be allergy-related, maybe not, and said to try to think back what he had eated (nothing unusual). I will call allergist on Monday.

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By AmyR on Sat, 12-16-00, 04:04


I have been having red, hot ears off and on since Thanksgiving. It first happened Thanksgiving day. I was getting ready for 29 people to come to my house and I noticed my ear was red, hot to the touch and felt like it was burning up. I thought it may have to do with stress or that I was just hot from my food preparations. It has happened at least 4-5 other times since then and in fact, happened again tonight. I asked a doctor about it and he said that there is no danger in it and it doesn't really mean anything.

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By jrizos on Mon, 12-18-00, 13:57

My mom gets a red ear. I think it is related to stress and her blood pressure is up. Usually when it happens she is upset about something. This last summer she got bit on her ear by a spider. It was red, hot and very swollen. It looked funny but the bug bite did make her very sick. She ended up on an antibiotic.

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By DavisGal on Tue, 12-19-00, 02:06

My son also gets one or two hot/red ears sometimes. I've never associated it with allergies.

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