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By 3nicks on Mon, 10-11-04, 23:25

Planning a day trip to the big apple for the xmas holiday - any suggestions for a peanut free restaurant ?

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By Going Nuts on Mon, 10-11-04, 23:37

There was a totally peanut free restaurant called Rive Gauche (maybe on Third Ave.?) but I think someone said it was closed a few months back - hopefully just for renovations. The chef was PA. I'm afraid I don't know of any others that are totally peanut free.


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By cooper on Tue, 10-12-04, 00:41

Hi - I think that was me posting about Rive Gauche. It was closed for renovations back in March, and we haven't been back to NYC to check in on it since. During our last visit we ate at the restaurant at the W Hotel in Times Square, also at Smith and Wollansky, hope I spelled that right. I don't think either is peanut free, but they were helpful and knowledgeable - during our visit, anyway. Can't remember where else we went! I'm sure the NYC posters can help.

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By SF on Tue, 10-12-04, 00:43

We visited NYC this past April with our sons ages 6 & 4. It was their first time in the big city and they had a great time!

We went to a tourist type of restaurant that was recommended to us. I called ahead to ask all of my allergy related questions and to make a reservation for early evening before they get too crowded. It was great for the kids! You take a spaceship "ride" to the restaurant. The food was safe and kid friendly and they have people dressed as "martians" visiting the tables.

Visit [url="http://www.mars2112.com"]www.mars2112.com[/url]

We also chose to stick with NY pizza for lunch and of course I brought lots of our own safe snacks for during the day. (Besides, everything there is a fortune!!)

Enjoy and have a safe trip! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By nonuts6 on Tue, 01-11-05, 22:22

reraising- any nyc restaurants to recommend?

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By 3nicks on Wed, 01-12-05, 14:36

Cowgirls and Johny's Pizza in Greenwich Village were both very good, very supportive of our PA son and were local places not as much tourist.

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By Lindajo on Tue, 02-08-05, 03:39

Just a "heads up" to double check before eating here. While visiting NYC this past weekend, we checked out Mars 2112. When I checked the menu, I noticed they cooked a "satay" in peanut sauce. When questioned them about this in relation to cross contamination, they couldn't give me a specific answer. We didn't end up eating there. It was a fun place tho.

We ended up eating at Planet Hollywood in Times Square. The only thing they cautioned us on was the chicken tenders as they are coated with Capt. Crunch cereal and corn flakes. Also the desserts, but we usually stay away from them anyway.

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By angieland68 on Fri, 08-13-10, 00:34

Re-revisiting the where to eat in NYC that is safe for a peanut/nut allergy. Any new suggestions since the posts from a few years ago?


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By cfkjc2 on Fri, 08-13-10, 04:24

We have good experience there. Watch out for Time Square, a lot of roast nut vendors.

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