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nuts processed in \"same plant but different room\" - ok or not?

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By gatorgrrl on Wed, 12-19-07, 03:20

I called the manufacturer about some sprinkles we bought for cookies and the response was the plant where they are made processes nuts but they are kept in a separate room. I'm still new to this -- does this mean the sprinkles are ok or I should keep searching for ones that are made in a plant that doesn't process nuts in any room whatsoever? :-)


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By maphiemom on Wed, 12-19-07, 14:21

I use sprinkles from Wilton ingr. sugar,cornstarch,confectioners glaze,carnuba wax, to me that is fine, we all have to make those calls.
I will be interested to hear what others have to say.

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By gatorgrrl on Wed, 12-19-07, 16:23

Funny, it's the Wilton sprinkles I called about!

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By maphiemom on Wed, 12-19-07, 21:21

Its a tough call, the flour I buy doesn't say peanut nut free, but I believe that it is , I live in Canada and we have pretty tough labelling laws , if there was a chance it was an allergen threat it would need to be listed as such , Wilton's doesn't nor do most of the things I buy,like pretzels, meat, fruit etc, , I check carefully for the obvious things, I trust that if the allergens aren't mentioned , its because there is no risk to that food. Now I do not EVER use bulk prinkles from the bulk store that house loads of nuts, usually I don't even step into the place unless to buy cupcake papers.
That being said , I do read everything ,just in case , things change its always best to double check.
I believe that since I have been using Wilton's products since before my allergi child was born up until now feeding it to her, that I don't see it as an issure for me.

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By syzygy on Thu, 12-20-07, 21:27

I *just* called Wilton regarding their chocolate melts (for making chocolates, I know it's not the same as the sprinkles, but figured the info is worth sharing) and they told me that their facility processes peanuts/tree nuts (as you know) and that they couldn't guarentee there isn't cross contamination because they don't have any line specific information, aside from the fact that they wash down the machinery. Not good enough for me as the impression I was given is that they do not have any strict procedures to avoid cross contam in place.

Their response and practices aren't on par with actual food companies like Hershey's, Kraft, or Club House (McCormick's Canada), so needless to say I'm bringing all of my Wilton melts back to the store for a refund.

It's your call, but if you want my advice, return them and look for another brand at your grocery store.

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