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By Nicole on Tue, 01-26-99, 01:55

Hi everyone~

I avoid using nutmeg in my baking. Does anyone have any information on whether it's actually considered a nut?

The dictionary just refers nutmeg as the aromatic seed of an East Indian tree, grated and used as a spice.

Thanks for any input..


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By Kathy on Wed, 01-27-99, 02:36

Hi! I was told by my allergist that nutmeg and coconut need not be avoided. Also on one of the sheets he gave me had lecthin listed as something to be avoided. Anyone else have the same information? My son has had no trouble with lecthin. Thank goodness because it is in almost everything you read!

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By Michelyne on Wed, 01-27-99, 16:43


I was told the same thing about coconut; that is, not to worry about it. I cook with coconut fairly often and my three year old has not suffered any problems with it. I also use fresh nutmeg fairly often, and he hasn't had a problem with that either. Although, if you have any reason to believe that your child might have a severe allergy to them, there's no reason why you need to have nutmeg or coconut around your home. And if you're avoiding all pre-packaged foods anyway, it's even easier to avoid them. I tend to cook everything fresh and never, ever have pre-packed snacks or prepaired frozen dinners in the house.

Watch out for "hydrolysed vegtable (or plant) protein" in stuff as well. Although the protein could be cottonseed, corn or soy, there's an equal chance it could be peanut protein. Especially in things like frozen chicken fingers, canned soups, frozen meat pies and boullion cubes and spaghetti sauces..

Stay safe.


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By kylaC on Wed, 02-03-99, 04:57

I've eaten nutmeg before and haven't reacted. Nor with coconut (and its oil). I have a severe peanut allergy. I've also been told that both of these are fine...which is why I've had them. Enjoy the nutmeg!


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By Carolyn on Fri, 03-05-99, 02:54

I have a 4 year old son who was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. I have found a few brands of coconut that does have a may contain traces of nut/peanuts. I believe one of the Safeway brands has it. I now avoid all because of the threat of cross-contamination with shredded/ground baking products.

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