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By cath127 on Mon, 12-16-02, 17:12

I feel stupid asking...does nutmeg come from a tree nut? DS is PA, but we're also steering clear of tree nuts just in case. I have a Christmas cookie recipe that calls for nutmeg, so I'd like to know. Thanks!

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By DebO on Mon, 12-16-02, 18:13


This question has come up many times. I will do a search and raise the appropriate thread for you.

take care


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By cath127 on Tue, 12-17-02, 00:14

Thanks, Deb.

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By smack on Tue, 12-17-02, 01:45

Nutmeg is safe. It comes from the seeds of a tropical tree. Coconut is also usually safe to eat. A coconut is actually the seed of a fruit, though some have reacted to coconut you should discuss eating coconut with your health care provider before introducing coconut to your child's diet.

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