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Nut Free Preschool

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By Joesmom on Mon, 02-07-05, 20:38

I went into the preschool today to register my 3 yr old PA son, and to my delight I found out they are now a PEANUT FREE campus. My oldest son attened this preschool 3 yrs ago, and although they were very good about safety issues concerning PA, it was still allowed to be brought to lunch bunch.

I wanted to say BRAVO!!! to Robert H. Lange, Christian Preschool in Mission Viejo. They "get it".

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By turtle on Mon, 02-07-05, 21:56

My son's preschool is peanut free also. It is such a relief!

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By dgood on Mon, 02-14-05, 21:51

My son's preschool is also peanut free and very aware of allergies but this does not stop unknowing mothers of bringing in snacks or birthday treats with hidden peanuts. My son's Valentine bag contained a snickers bar, m&m's, homemade cookies, etc. as the parents walk around the room and fill each child's bag. Also, parents bring in trays of cookies for holiday parties in the gym and I've seen peanut butter cookies on occasion.

It's wonderful to have a peanut free school but it's still scary sometimes.

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By AJSMAMA on Wed, 02-16-05, 22:44

I agree. No school is ever completely safe. At my son's peanut free preschool, one of the mother's brought snickers cookies (complete with chopped peanuts on top) to the Christmas party and filled the Valentine's bags with M&M's.


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By SaraO on Thu, 02-17-05, 02:35

My daughters preschool is peanut and tree nut free....but I have learned quickly that I still have to be on watch. At Christmas the director put out cookies that had a nut warning (didn't actually contain- so she thought it was safe), and the moms are always bringing foods. Thay have been good about asking about foods and their policy states that no homemade goods will be consumed at school. Anything like that has to be wrapped and be taken home....at this age, I am always there when the door opens so I can live with that....they try but I still have to watch!

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By Joesmom on Thu, 02-17-05, 18:24

I agree that nothing is completely safe...but I will give credit where it is due. I applaud their attempt to make going to preschool safe for the kids with this allergy.

As parents of PA kids, our guard is never down. But this enviornment is a lot better than starting from a viewpoint that we have to just "get over ourselves" in relation to food allergies.

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By beansmom on Sat, 05-14-05, 17:41

Anyone know of peanut free daycares and/or schools in and around Orlando Florida?

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By livsmom on Sun, 07-10-05, 16:09

Anyone know of peanut free schools in Nashville, TN (where we currently live) or Massachusetts or New Hampshire (we are from Boston and looking at relocating close to home). I will move anywhere if it means my baby would be safer. She is 2 1/2 right now. Thank you.

Mom of 2 1/2 year old daughter with peanut and egg allergies

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